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What if joy were possible right now —right where you are?

Inspiring hundreds of thousands of readers to wake to their own wondrous lives, the New York Times Bestseller, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, shares the journey of one woman facing her own hard, dark days and hidden fears, and stumbling straight into the answer of life’s great riddle: How do you discover joy — right here and now?

Selections from One Thousand Gifts features powerful, life-changing passages from Voskamp’s compelling story and her own exquisite photography, framing a seemingly ordinary, gritty life around true amazing grace.

Because if joy is a matter of gratitude, and gratitude is a matter of perspective, then giving thanks changes not only your perspectivebut also changes your life.

Open these lyrical pages and slow down to discover the joy you’ve always been looking for.

Come find God in the moments!


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Thinking of giving the gift of Selections: Finding Joy in What Really Matters?

Download the Complete Collection of free beautiful JOY  printables  and give them Joy- in-a-Box:


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Picnik collage JoyAndEucharisteoBunting


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How to Make Joy-in-a-Box: 

Download the Complete JOY Collection (all completely free)  

{or print out each item separately, as linked below} 

1. Print out & cut out a Joy Bunting (or the Eucharisteo Bunting) — tuck into a box with tissue paper…

2. Print and cut out the bookmark on 10 Reasons on Give Thanks and Find Joy. Punch a hole in the end and slip a pretty ribbon through. A perfect — oh, so necessary — reminder on how to find Joy on the Hard Days. {I’ve soul amnesia and need to preach the gospel to myself everyday…}

3. Print out all these free gratitude journal graphics to beautify, pretty up, customize and make lovely your own 1000 gifts journal. (So grateful for Joshua’s loveliest work! We had such fun dreaming of pretty things for us all!) Customize your own journal — or make one for a friend and tuck into the box? Or print out several copies and slip them all into the Joy Box so she can have the happy fun of creating her own. {Send a blank journal too?}

4. Print out this recipe and bake up a few of  the bird nest cookies, just a sweet treat and prayer for her to nest in His constant care….

5. Print out and send the monthly Joy Dare  — (oh, do the dare!) a dare to find just these three gifts every day. To begin to shift perspective and look for His grace everywhere… a hunt for His glory right where we are!

{Invite her to join the community at where we share the gifts found each day. Count 1000 gifts in 2012 and at year’s end enter to win a Nikon D90 camera?}

6. Print out the Free 7 gifts, Good and Lovely, booklet  and tuck it into the Joy-in-a-Box too? To put in her pocket and write down His graces throughout the day? {Or download the free app?} Maybe include the free Year of Graces Calendar, a space to write down joy everyday?

7. The Best Part? Print out and tuck the 4 JOY Bible verses into the Joy in a Box —  to direct one beating heart back to Him in all things. Just hit print and ta-da — Joy-in-a-Box! Our happy, free love gift to you!

8.  At the last, wrap up Selections from One Thousand Gifts: Finding Joy in What Really Matters in some tissue and tuck a feather in the bow — and give someone you care about Joy -in – a- Box…. and more Joy in Him.




Selections: Finding Joy in What Really Matters:

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