Missing Him: 31 Days of Calling on Jesus

Sometimes you miss home.

Even when you’re home.

Sometimes you miss Him.

Even when He’s everywhere.


And your heart hurts a bit for more… and homesickness aches some days at the edges …

and you’re tired of Missing Him.

Missing Him in the hurry that hurts, missing Him in the blur that blinds, missing Him in the noise that drowns.

What if there were some place that invited you into 31 Days of more Jesus?

The Jesus who draws close and whispers Abandon the worries and Abide in Me…

a place that whispers: You can rely on your performance — or on His arms.

a place that whispers: You are as free as you are dependent on Jesus.

a place that whispers: Jesus wants you and likes you and is 100% for you.

What if there were 31 Days of Calling on Jesus — and not missing Him?

Religion is learning about love. Relationship is about living loved.

If you look up… there are lights twinkling.

You could smile — because here’s your invitation to not miss what can’t be missed.



Dare to take your invitation to not miss — what can’t be missed?

Looking forward to what the next #31Days hold with you… and Him.


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Day 2: What’s Missing from the North American Church
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Day 5: Only the Good Stuff: Sharing 
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Day 8: How to Practice the Presence of God (Pt.1)
Day 9: When You’re Missing Feeling Loved: How to Practice the Presence of God (Pt.2)
Day 10: Calling on Jesus: Cyber-Disconnect to Soul-Connect
Day 11: How to Find Peace? What the Answer is When You Just Want Answers
Day 12: Only the Good Stuff: Sharing the Links that Feed the Soul
Day 14: IF: You are Hungry for Something More
Day 16: Dear Church: Why It’s Okay to Really Need Each Other
Day 17: The 3 Secrets that Turn Your October Around
Day 18: Sharing Whatever is Good: Sharing Links to Love the Internet Again
Day 22: Why You Should Really Smile Right Now
Day 23: What if You Really Lived Like Your Life is Art
Day 24: If you Need a Therapy that Really Calms the Heart
Day 26: Only the Good Stuff: Sharing the Links that Bring Us Together
Day 28: What Everyone Wants More than Anything Else: Let the Blessing Revolution Begin
Day 29: When You’re Tired of Missing Jesus (with Printable)
Day 30:  3Ways of Finding Fulfillment: No Matter What You are Facing


The Greatest Gift

“Ann Voskamp on Christmas —
is like Monet on sunsets…
meant for each other.”
~Max Lucado
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This is the first post in a series:

Missing Him: 31 Days of Jesus — and not missing what can’t be missed.

Don’t want to Miss Him this year? Long to be changed — by the new year, for the new year?

Consider my newest book, The Greatest Gift, a fresh unwrapping of The Love Story — your love story — the one you’ve been missing … and don’t want to miss anymore.

This 31 day series — is your invitation to come closer.

He’s been missing you.

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