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Love, Marriage

How to {make} Love

I‘m sitting there on the side of a windblown road, waiting for the Farmer to bring me a jug of gas. We’ve knocked on a door. Asked if we could…

Love, Marriage

How to Fall in Love Again in 4 Minutes a Day

He lays his hand on my bare shoulder. Water drips from the tips of strands tousled and tucked and a rivulet runs down the small of my back. He kisses…

Love, Marriage, Walk with Him, WWHW

How to Make A Marriage Bed

When my Grandma told me to marry a man who wasn’t much to look at so I wouldn’t worry of him wandering, I had nodded ‘cause I loved her. But…


what a real man can really do for a woman

Sometimes it takes a man to make a woman. That night he took my face in his hands and kissed me too long in the dark, I was seventeen and…

Joy Habit, Love, Marriage, Weekends

weekends are for plans

For long walks and wandering words and love on a dime and trails only for two and it really only takes a moment to plan how to light a match…

Love, Marriage

The Best Summer Reads

He never reads in this place and he hasn’t read the letter. He does read me. I need to get brave and give him yesterday’s letter. Yesterday he gave me…

Farming, Love, Marriage

JUST: Feed a Man What He Always Needs

His hands are working hands, grease-grooved and love worn in service. It’s just those hands I am looking for, just like that, and I find what I’m looking for out…