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No more saying sorry for being you, and more gratitude for being — just as you are, imperfect, in process, in Him.

Quote: Told You’re “Too Much”? Or Feel Like You’re “Too Much”? Dear Me: Lifelines to the Person I Long to Be

Lent isn’t only a season of subtraction; Lent too is a season of multiplication: more love, more grace, more kindness, more courage, more Christ.

Quote: When Cancer, Gunfire, Grief, Lent & the Unfairness of God Wreck Us [& Free Lent Devotional Calendar]

The more indifferent we are to prayer, the less God’s power makes any difference in our lives. 

Quote: How to Make Your Question Marks & Unknowns & Life Feeling a Bit Up in the Air — Into the Best Kind of Life

You are doing something great with your life – when you’re doing all the small things with His Great love.

Quote: 25 Unexpected Life-Transformative Secrets I learned from 3 days with Katie Davis Majors