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Faith, Family, fear, Seeing God

How To Not Miss Out On Your Real Life Calling

When they cut the three right open and start pulling out the inner guts, there isn’t a sound in the room. They’re focused and silent and pulling at strings and…

Books, Faith, fear, Guest posts

Why Now is the Time: Let’s All Be Brave

When you meet Annie Downs, you feel like you’ve come home. Home to realest and honest and funniest friend you didn’t know you had. No one meets Annie and doesn’t want her…

Faith, fear

When You Feel like You Don’t Really Belong

which is sort of how I’ve awkwardly been feeling: Someone has to be that Mother. That mother who drives a full 3 hours to the border with a packed mini-van…

Family, fear, Mothering Prayer

The Real Truth About Really Having it All

I t was after the waves.   After the waves of contractions, after the waves of blow out diapers and wet nursing pads that leaked through the let downs and…

Faith, Family, fear

How to Live Through Anything: The Fish Principle

When I get to her door, it’s after 6:30 and dawn’s breaking rays down rows of the cornfields and I’m already late. Mama’s got a note on her front door…