Happy, happy, happy weekend!
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Let yourself smile, be crazy inspired, laugh, love & really live the gift of this life
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Andrew McCarthy – Photographer
Andrew McCarthy – Photographer
Andrew McCarthy- Photographer
Andrew McCarthy – Photographer
Andrew McCarthy – Photographer

wow-magnified shots like this simply magnify HIM!…

oh yeah, a great way for us all to start the weekend! 6 Bible verses to help you rest this summer

This! When a community’s bent on doing good and helping neighbors in tough times.

this well-earned wisdom right here!

oh these words!

Even when I doubt Your truth holds
Even when I’m lost You won’t let me go

When my heart is dry Your grace flows
No matter where I run, I’m not far from home”

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Post of the Week from around these parts

Dear Me: Lines to the Person I Want To Be

Dear Me,

Lines to the person I want to be… just a few jotted down lifelines to the me I long to be:

Rise gently, to everything rise gently.
The sun knows how to rise — follow its lead.

Even if it feels like nothing is turning out as you ultimately hoped
He who is Hope Himself is turning things around for your ultimate good.

And will you join us?
What lines would YOU write to the person you want to be?

Dear Me, Lines to the Person I Want To Be”

…from friends around the globe

You did it.

You finally embraced yourself for who you are.
No more doubts.
Insecurities bashed.

Redeemed the hours wasted, thinking about all the things you weren’t.

Finally, fully walking into all that you are.

You are worried about so many things when only one thing really matters. 

I want you to make beds, make resources that nourish hearts, make love, make spaces that echo the love of God. I want you to give your money to help translate the Word for those who don’t yet know. I want you to take a younger woman in the faith and adopt her as your own…”

Compassion. Love. Hope.

My fingers press against the words lettered in the journal in my lap.

Why is it so much easier to heap condemnation, critique, and criticism on my heart, my mind, myself?

And in so doing, really, I’m mired in myself. I may not admire myself, but self-absorption shows up in a myriad of ways.”

Be still.
In every season of life, you will find that your world ebbs and flows with chaos. And in your day-to-day–the wax and wane, the same old same–you will find yourself lost in the abyss of “one day.” 
So be still.

“Like brush strokes on a canvas, 
mark upon mark, bringing a picture into focus,
I will be a woman marked by the beauty of Christ,
Always shaping more to His ways.
Habits, humility, wonder, gratitude.
Mark upon mark.”

Be kind and grant grace…to yourself, to your loved ones and to others.
Give in to the nudges from the Holy Spirit and answer the call God has given.
When you don’t feel like you are enough, lean into God’s grace and love so you can endure through seasons of the unknown.”

“Slowly sip and savor the coffee in the light of each new morning

Lay awake with the windows open, stilling your heart and mind
Listen to the sounds
Feel the breeze
See the glory in every sunrise—for not one is the same

When you need a formula: bless…press on…speak kindly (1 Corinthians 4).

In love, let the record go. 

Long to hear His thoughts, to understand and believe them, to live them. Because when life is uncertain and askew and untold, you’re held together by what’s at your center. Tending to your soul-center is your life’s greatest calling.”

“These truly are the days.

Each day swelling with hard and maxing capacity. But also with holy and smiles and joy if we’ll just train our eyes to see.

These are the days. Don’t miss a single one...”

What lines would you write to the person you want to be?
We would truly *LOVE* if you wrote and shared your “Dear Me” letter!
Tag us @annvoskamp on Instagram or Facebook, and hashtag #dearmeletter so we can see and share your beautiful words, too!

oh my! just a bit of pure joy for this sweet girl

this reflection on Sabbath will get you out of bed on Sunday. *Simply beautiful.*

ooh! this Irish home is upcycler heaven! not to mention the beauty – just wow!

what this man does at 100! it’s always better to give than receive

< wow! how these boys spring into action-say Jesus was with them? tears >

“It’s okay if you’re not okay”
a beautiful reminder: you’re never far from hope

sometimes we just need a look at God’s good, beautiful work to be reminded how good, how beautiful He is

On the Book Stack at the Farm

Come with us over The Alps? Can’t you just see God in every detail here? Truly glorious.

For Our Tender places, For our Hard Stories, For All of Us looking for More than a Way Through, but a New way to actually Be, a New way of Life

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this song is just the reminder we need this weekend

“You’re still my First Love,
You’re still my only One”

[ Prints FREE here ]

…so this is what we’re doing here today:
simply being grateful for that one small thing…
& one more small thing…
& one more small thing —
just taking back ground one grateful step at a time
till the battle is WON.

*Gratitude wins our wars.*

Because gratitude isn’t only a celebration
when good things happen;

Gratitude’s a declaration that God is good
*no matter what happens.*

Today, listen to your absurdly glorious life.

Listen to the holy heart of your one sacred life.

You need to take time to listen to your life —
so you can make the life you need.

Life’s not about growing in status—
it’s always about growing your soul.

Be small and love large:
because getting to be present
to love your people’s hearts is a great gift.

Let’s be still long enough to drink down all this ordinary glory
and hear your heart keep beating how *all is grace*.

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That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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