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Chris Burkard – Photographer
Chris Burkard – Photographer

… the absolute glory of our Creator’s world takes away our breath and wakes us up to Wonder all over again!

Oh, the work of this Ukrainian artist!

this story of these refugee sisters? now this is good

we all need good news… bring it, yes?

well, isn’t this adorable!

this new mama received her diploma while holding her baby in the hospital. ***Weeping*** Pass the tissues!

the miracle of sight captured with this sweet babe

You a mama of a grad? A new devotional from my encouraging friend, Kristen Strong, for the mama of grads who may have fewer people living inside her home.

Our nests may be changing, but they aren’t empty

WHO CAN YOU GIVE A MOMENT LIKE THIS?! because? WE ALL NEED A MOMENT LIKE THIS. When a friend gasps our hands & presses into our palms — a literal SHIELD OF FAITH. I will never ever forget this moment — just right before I walked out, vulnerable and trembling, at IF:Gathering to share about our daughter, from Beijing, China — and Jessica Honneger of NoonDay pressed into my hand a fair-trade necklace made by artisans in Beijing, China a necklace that is a Shield of Faith.

Jessica and I actually connected this week on her podcast and

you can listen in on our conversation on spiritual habits and literally practicing our faith here

And honestly, I think I have only taken off this Shield of Faith necklace no more than a day or two since Jessica gave it to me back in March — this necklace (pictured above), the Boundless Faith necklace, lovingly made by formerly exploited women in our youngest daughter’s birth country. We love Jessica, we love Noonday, and we love what they are doing for men and women around the world! Who do you know that needs to wear their own Shield of Faith? You can pick out a deeply meaningful Shield of Faith for them right here — to change their life and change the lives of exploited women!

this cutie has the *BEST* secret for you

ooh!! happy squeals!

the way this little girl befriends a local grocer? < big grin >

who’s your happy high five this weekend? #BetheGIFT

Can I invite you to come Join our Community on the Way
as we begin a 6-Week WayMaker Online Bible Study

Wherever you are, whatever you are facing, in the very eye of your storm or at the bottom of your depths of disappointment or unspoken broken, friend, can I give you my compass?

A compass to find your way. A compass to part the waves.

Because you and I are both on a journey to find our way— to find The Way—to know God. Because journeying isn’t just walking where Jesus walked, but walking in the way Jesus walked. And the spiritual practice – this SACRED compass – that we’re going to unpack in the WayMaker study together is the soul’s very real and directing compass to keeping company with God.

In our time together, we’ll see how the WayMaker is not a far way off. He’s no distracted lifeguard, oblivious while you flail and drown in the deep end. But instead, He is here, right here. 

Will you join me for the WayMaker Online Bible Study this summer with the community at FaithGateway? Our journey begins June 13th.

This free six-week journey will help us all together  develop a S.A.C.R.E.D daily habit, a rule of life, that will reorient our souls in relation to God through Scripture, prayer and study. 

Being with you, walking on the Way, all of us together in community, is a humbling joy that lays me low with gratitude.

Will I get to see you there too, June 13?

Signing up for the Online Bible Study is FREE!

your sign up includes:

  • FREE access to the exclusive Facebook Group – a whole community, led by our friends at Faith Gateway, to walk through the SACRED Way together June 13 – July 30
  • FREE access to all 6 Bible Study Sessions with Ann
  • FREE PDF download of Session One from the Study Guide
  • FREE Wayfarer’s Compass printable: a daily guide to the SACRED Way of life
  • FREE lettered quotes to print

(you will also be given the opportunity to pick up a copy of the WayMaker Study Guide as a companion to the study to help you dig even deeper, but no purchase is necessary in order to join the Online Bible Study and enjoy the free gifts listed above.)

Join the free Online Bible Study
to develop a SACRED Way of Life to change your life

how about we *dance* our way into the weekend?

everyone (and every pup) need a friend in a storm < sweetness overload >

a father & daughter graduating TOGETHER? well this is fun!

< a little inspiration & joy after a hard week >

well, this has us all smiling ear to ear

the astounding landscape of Greece – what a breath of fresh air this is!

For Our Tender places, For our Hard Stories, For All of Us looking for More than a Way Through, but a New way to actually Be, a New way of Life

and now available:
the WayMaker study guide + DVD sessions

plus online access to all 6 video sessions when you pick up the study guide

This study guide has everything you need for a full Bible study experience, including:

The study guide itself – video teaching notes, group discussion questions, personal study and application of the life-changing SACRED habit, and a welcome letter from Ann for introducing each session.

An individual access code to stream all six video sessions online (included with all study guides)

And the physical DVD (with the DVD bundle only)

“No, I don’t need all the answers
Just be here beside me
Father, remind me You’re here

[ Prints FREE here ]


The plan can be real simple:

“Be brave.

Be strong.

Don’t give up.

Expect God.”

Psalm 31:24 MSG

And the thing is: Brave doesn’t mean feeling no fear. Brave simply means something – some ONE – is *more important* than feeling those fears.

[excerpted from our little Facebook family … come join us each day?]

That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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