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I can’t get enough of how this shepherdess across the ocean captures her daily life — and the sheep!!
< swoon! >
beyond grateful when she shares a glimpse into her beautiful life with us here

I mean….come on! what a comeback!!

she’s made over 11,000 hats for newborns…proving there’s no age limit to #BeTheGift

how these dads are impacting generations…amazing!

go ahead…dance like no one is watching this weekend

what a sweet love story

this song touched a lot of your hearts this week
so grateful to Kellie for her beautiful words here

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come to our farm, with our dear friends at 100 Huntley Street:

oh my! sheep…on a roof?!
I bet this wasn’t quite the adventure these sheep were hoping for

one million books?!
what a teacher!!

< grin >
just go that way!

Post of the week from these parts:

The Unexpected Key You Need to Reroute & Turn Around Your One Life

 . . . I read of a man who says he was in the wayfinding business, designing signs, readable, decodable, accessible, to direct travellers on their way, and he says:

“While traveling, people are a bit more anxious and that affects how they act.”

While you’re trying to find your way, anxiety has a way of always finding you, and changing the way you are. 

 The wayfinding guy who designs signage says that the truth is:

“When people become really stressed, nothing helps them find their way except asking other people.” 

Nothing helps us find the Way
like being in a community of other WayFarers
on the Way. 

Nothing helps us find the Way to our true destiny like true community.

It’s our connections that influence our directions. If you don’t slow down long enough to make some real connections,  you’re going to keep losing the right direction. 

If you really want to know the way out of any Cincinnati, you’ve got to slow down long enough to really connect with somebody. If you actually want to find a way out of all the detours, you’re going to have to detour into some community. 

Because the truth is: If you step on a subway going the wrong way, you can’t turn anything around by running from car to car the right way. 

Turns out: You can be going through the motions of the right direction, while actually moving much faster in the wrong direction. 

You need to be moving in more than the right direction — you’ve got to get on the subway with a whole community of people all moving the right way.   

Unless you’re moving with other people on The Way — it’s devastatingly easy for you to lose the Way.

And what I am not sure the Wayfinder guy fully realized:

Nothing helps you find your way like asking The Way Himself. 

Nothing is more important in your whole life than having a way of life that keeps you in the Way Himself, who is our only Way through.

& Join our Community of WayFinders on the Way
as we begin a 6-Week WayMaker Online Bible Study

Friend, will you come?
Nothing is more important in your whole life than having a way of life that keeps you in the Way Himself, who is our only Way through. And beginning June 13, as a community, led by our friends at Faith Gateway, we’ll unpack this SACRED way of life together, six spiritual disciplines, a daily habit spelled in just six letters, which is the soul’s very real and directing compass to keeping company with the Way Himself.

Can I invite you to join a whole community of Wayfarers on the Way, for The WayMaker Online Bible Study through our friends at FaithGateway?

No direction matters more in your life than turning toward having a daily sacred way and rhythm of life — because this changes the trajectory and destination of your one life literally for forever and all eternity. 

This free six-week journey will help us all together  develop a S.A.C.R.E.D daily habit, a rule of life, that will reorient our souls in relation to God through Scripture, prayer and study. 

Being with you, walking on the Way, all of us together in community, is a humbling joy that lays me low with gratitude.

Will I get to see you there too, June 13?

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now that’s the way to travel!

animals offer these kids more than just companionship…they can change lives
< heart. burst. >

you can’t help but smile watching this mother fox with all her kits

a 12-year-old and one bowl making an incredible impact!
(kinda reminds me of the story of another boy whose small gift of a meager lunch fed a multitude…)

< tears >

take a trip to Africa this weekend on a little virtual glory soak

For Our Tender places, For our Hard Stories, For All of Us looking for More than a Way Through, but a New way to actually Be, a New way of Life

and now available:
the WayMaker study guide + DVD sessions

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The study guide itself – video teaching notes, group discussion questions, personal study and application of the life-changing SACRED habit, and a welcome letter from Ann for introducing each session.

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And the physical DVD (with the DVD bundle only)

“I will praise You through the fire
Through the storm and through the flood
There is nothing that could ever steal my song
In the valley, You are worthy
You are good when life is not
You will always and forever be my song”

[ Print’s FREE here ]

Even if this season isn’t going as planned, Lord

and if it’s not at all what we hoped,

and if “we’re* not yet quite what we hoped,

and if life’s not unfolding to our Plan A

and if it’s not even close to Plan Band if the diagnosis is not great

and if the forecast is not good

and if not… and if not… and if not…

*You still are.*

You still are Good & You still are God.

And we will be the people who will still…

The people who will still rest in it & sing it into the dark:

“and if not — He is still Good.

He is still God…

so we can still & be & be at rest.”

[excerpted from our little Facebook family … come join us each day?]

That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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