Happy, happy, happy weekend!
Come along with us here because who doesn’t need a bit of good news?

Let yourself smile, be crazy inspired, laugh, love & really live the gift of this life
just a little bit more this weekend
Serving up only the Good Stuff – Easter Edition – for you & your people right here:

take a walk along the farm river with us?
a soul-filling glory soak with our little lambs, Safe & Hessed

Only the Cross

“‘I don’t know where Jesus is,’ Mary said urgently. ‘I can’t find him!’
But it was alright. Jesus knew where she was. And He had found her.”

Gather the kids around and watch this one together!

“Oh, I have seen the Lord, I will speak of him
And nobody could talk me out of it”

a fun family recipe to try this Easter morning: Resurrection Rolls
a fun and meaningful (and tasty!) illustration of the empty tomb

How Easter is celebrated around the world, from our friends at Compassion

“His purposes are always for His glory and my good.”

< jaw. dropped. >
The staggering significance of the olive trees

you’ve got to watch this whole thing!

turn the volume way up – glory, glory, glory!

“I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”
John 13:15

Consider Our Free library of printables & tools to retreat into the Beauty of His Presence this Easter

< grin >
You gotta read these quotes from kids in Equador. What they say about Easter is just the best!

Make your own Resurrection Eggs!
a fun & meaningful way to share the Easter story with your kids

Linger long at His feet this weekend.
Be awed and amazed.
It. Is. Finished.

“He died because He loves me.”
Join Raya as she celebrates Easter in Indonesia

the Cross that makes the way across…everything

Walk through Holy Week with us:
a look at this week’s posts

Palm Sunday:

Palm Sunday’s Key of an Unexpected Way to Find Healing Peace on the Hardest Days

“What to hold on to on the hardest days is simply this: 

Christ comes in ways as unexpected as riding a lowly donkey & the way to not miss out on seeing Him is to keep looking for Him in the ways you’d least expect Him. 

God enters every moment in unlikely ways, & we always get to choose whether we eventually wave a palm branch in honest praise or only ever wave a hammer in angry protest.”

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What Your Holy Week Tenderly Needs:

Meaningful (Free!) Tools for a Memorable Easter

When patience wears thin or hope seems to fade or expectations kinda crack, when the family down the street runs out of grocery money or when our personal and collective grief overwhelms, it’s Christ’s true followers who show up and find ways to love vulnerably enough to bear the cost.

The trials may be under our roofs, in our relationships or expectations, or our communities, our cities, our global family, but the bottom line is:

How can our hearts not be called to make real sacrifices — when that’s exactly what His heart did for us?

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“Silent” Wednesday:

Why Holy Week Wednesday Really Matters: How to Have a “Silent Wednesday” Instead of a Judas “Spy Wednesday”

Let this Holy Week dismantle everything that isn’t about eternal things.

The Wednesday of Holy Week can either be “Spy Wednesday,” where our preparations for Easter betray Jesus, to buy what isn’t really worth it.

Or our Wednesday of Holy Week can be “Silent Wednesday” — where we quiet our hearts and retreat into the sacred silence and beauty of God.

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Maundy Thursday:

BETRAYED? HURT? You Can’t Miss This on Holy Thursday

“It’s Jesus’ Maundy Thursday new mandate to love one another that gives every day, and every one of us hurting ones, and the whole world, new hope.

It’s possible: With some love, you can always take any closed door and make it into an open table. 

It’s possible, with some love: Where there is a relational break, instead of breaking fellowship —  we could make it our personal mandate to always ask to break bread.

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Good Friday:

How Good Friday Changes Everything

“Only the Cross is stretched wide open enough to hold and embrace an ache like ours.

Only the Cross can breathe life across the dying embers of our dreams because
He is working in more ways than it seems.

Only the Cross says that what feels like darkness-at-noon moments can be part of destroying all of the dark.

Only the Cross says what looks wrecked can resurrect.

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take a walk to the garden tomb this weekend
“He is not here. He is risen, just as He said.”
(Matthew 28:6)

Listen to the entire Scripture narrative of the arrest, suffering, crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Take time this weekend to meditate on His Word and all that He has done.

all because He LIVES!

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What Are You Paying Attention To?
On The Way Day 13

What Do You Want – Really?
On The Way Day 18

How to Slay Fear
On The Way Day 36

Palm Sunday’s Key of an Unexpected Way to Find Healing Peace on the Hardest Days
On The Way Day 40

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All that matters during Holy Week…is just friendship with God.

To wait with Him in the Garden…
to let Him kneel & wash your wounded places…
to stay with Jesus,
to keep company with Jesus,
to keep watch with Jesus,
right to the end.

He let Himself be forsaken of the Father —
so we in our sinful brokenness,
would never, ever, ever be forsaken.

All that matters today — is staying close to Jesus…

Today, we could stop & feel the humming Peace
of something sacred in our veins, enlarging our lungs.

Even in our darkest places—
look for it, feel along for it—
there is the light of Christ’s graces.

[excerpted from our little Facebook family … come join us each day?]

That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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