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Honestly: What do you want? Really? 

It’s Jesus who is tenderly asking, Jesus knocking right now on the door of your soul and genuinely asking: “What do you want?” (Matthew 20:32)

It can strike as a strange question:  Am I allowed to attend to what I want? 

But it is King Jesus Himself who asks the question of us – so this is a question we need to ask our own soul, that we get to ask our own soul: What do you want? 

What we want – becomes who we are. 

What we want  – shapes our way. 

What we want – reveals the way of our heart. 

What we want – can become what we worship. 

It was John Calvin who wrote: “The human heart is a perpetual idol factory – and he is not wrong: naming our wants can be about naming our idols

Also true: Name your wants – and you can begin to slay your  idols. 

And yet this is also just as true:

The King of the Universe attends to your wants. 

Jesus asks what we want – because He wants us to know that He cares about what we want. 

God attends to your wants – because He never stops attending to you. 

And when we share our wants – but His way takes us another way it’s not because He doesn’t care about our wants – but He cares us about us more. Because He wants us closer even more. 

If God does not take us the way to our wants — He is still taking us the way to His heart. 

Is His heart what we want most? 

40 Day Lenten Wreath at The Keeping Company
40 Day Lenten Wreath at The Keeping Company

Today, right now, what if you could still your own soul – and attend to your own soul by genuinely answering: What do you want? 

It is the way of all our hearts — we want God to attend to what we want, and we cry out for God to hear our cries. 

David in Ps. 130 speaks for all our hearts:  

Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord;

    Lord, hear my voice.

Let your ears be attentive

    to my cry for mercy. 

 We long for God to be attentive to our longings! 

Be attentive to our wants, Lord, be attentive to our heart cries and real heart breaks, be attentive to all that tends to hurt us deep. 

And Jesus asks: What do you want? Do you want to attend to Me? 

We ask Jesus to attend to us and our wants – and Jesus asks us if we attend to Him as what we most want. 

We pray: Lord, be attentive to our heart cries – 

And He nods: Yes, yes, I am.  And will you be attentive to my heart cries that I am what you want most? 

Today — we are on the way of Jesus
when we are as attentive to Jesus’ heart – 
as much as we long for Jesus to attend to ours. 

Could you and I walk together, through this season toward the Cross and Easter? 

Can we come upon a powerful experience, step into radically new resurrection life, an actual new way of life?

Spring is coming. Easter is coming. Hope and newness of life always arises!

This journey I’m personally inviting you into, “On the Way”, 40-plus days of Audio devotionals, is ultimately about keeping company with Jesus, The Way Himself, so our hearts are not only truly prepared to enter into all Easter means, but so we walk out of Resurrection Sunday morning, truly made new.

What an honor it would be to travel with you, to give this gift with a full heart with every order of WayMaker.