Okay, so here’s the deal:  Your DREAM Christmas?

It can be simple — & it’s not too late.

It can be easy — & it’s what you’ve always wanted.

It’s the dream you’ve always hoped for your Christmas — because (promise):

This, right here? It can center your heart every day between now & Christmas morning– 

so you don’t miss out on the kind of Christmas your heart wants most.

It’s our family’s absolute favorite time of year —  because we simply do this:


Recapture the wonder — the kind of wonder you long for every Christmas

First, each night simply: Light a candle. And then take just these 5-ish minutes:

Take just 5-ish easy (centering, calming and thrillingly beautiful) minutes each day of from December 1st till Christmas morning to read that day’s bit of glorious wonder and light — and unwrap the dreamy gift your heart wants most. And we promise?

These aren’t your average Advent reads. Because?

1. Each of the 25 devotionals begin where you never expected — and will end where you only dreamed.

These Advent journeys tell the whole story — from the very beginning of time. And show how all Stories are telling Jesus’  love story for us. 

2. Each are your own larger-than-life Advent Calendar, opening up to 25 wondrous stories that tell the family tree of Jesus — and our own family tree that we’ve been grafted into — right from Creation to His Coming — so you are captured again by the wonder of the WHOLE STORY!

These Advent Journeys — will not only be telling Jesus’ love story for you — but will have you falling in love with Jesus’s love letter for you, His Word, all over again.

Talk about recapturing the wonder — the wonder for HIS WORD! 


3. Each day’s story has its very own ornament, one for each day of Adventall unwrapping a bit more of a story that’s far better than the greatest fairy tale you’ve ever read —- because this Story is all true. So come Christmas day — your family — and your Christmas tree with all 25 ornaments– , will be telling the WHOLE love story of Jesus’ coming, right from the very beginning!

Each page’s like a needed embrace during the racing pace of the season.

Gather one — or all three! — of these life-transforming, Word-exalting, one-of-a-kind Christmas traditions:

For the Whole Family:

Adults? The NYT Bestseller, The Greatest Gift,
Named by Christian Retailer’s Association as Best Devotional of the Year for 2014



Family Read Aloud? NYT Bestseller, Unwrapping The Greatest Gift,
Named by The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association as Best Inspirational Book of the Year for 2016

For all ages?

Open up this book and be surprised (!!!)  The Wonder of the Greatest Gift



  • Your own POP-UP SURPRISE 14 inch tree,
    25 day small booklet of short readings,
    25 day very real advent flaps,
    hiding all 25 Biblically inspired ornaments (!!) to hang on your very own POP-UP TREE!

What better gift to give the whole family this Christmas —

than the wonder of the WHOLE love story of Jesus?


This is the year — to have a


Simple — over stress

Wonder — over worry

Holy — over hype

The Greatest Gift — over all the other gifts


Really want a DREAM-COME-TRUE Christmas?

Your most fulfilling Greatest ChristmasUnwrapping the Greatest Gift

can begin right here.