It may have looked like a fool’s day, but the Risen Wisdom of the World, the Hope of Humanity, the Saviour of the Suffering, and the Messiah of the Masses, He buys back the busted,
and takes back the abandoned,
and all the walking dead comeback to new life,
because the old world and ways have died in the night, and it is now

Resurrection Morning.


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Now is a new creation.

And we are the new creations, and His cruciform sacrifice forms a new heaven and a new earth and new ways, and in the form of a Gardener, He returns again to walk in the garden, not in the cool of the evening, but in the rising warmth of the dawn, and on Resurrection Morning, the Practice of Resurrection is begun first by the Resurrection Women.

It’s the Resurrection Women who have witnessed brokenness and brutality but are the first at the tomb, first at His side, to see the breaking dawn of a new way of being, of believing, of how to be be living, women who are the first witnesses to the risen Lord, the first evangelists, the first to be given the Good News of the Best News the world has ever wakened to: Death is forever dead and Jesus is always alive!

It’s the women who are appointed to be God’s first spokesperson.

It’s the women God first ignites with new hope.

It’s the women God first calls, first commissions, first claims as bearers of the new beginning.

Women may not have been seen by culture as credible witnesses, but Jesus saw them as His choice witnesses.

Men would have been the religious leaders first choice — but women were God’s divine choice.

Though Peter and John show up in the garden that morning, the angel first shows up to the women with a message for the world that is still being proclaimed to this very day.

Though men were available to receive Jesus’ commission, Jesus found it desirable that women receive recognition as the couriers of the resurrection and the tellers of His mission.

Though they may debate about the role of women, it cannot be denied that Jesus determined that every woman’s role is being intimately close to Him, being fully seen by Him, deeply known by Him, personally named by Him, & powerfully entrusted with a word from Him.

On the first day of the new world: The women weren’t just given the privilege of being the first silent witnesses —- they were given a Gospel Word to sweepingly proclaim till the end of time.

On Resurrection Morning, Jesus chose that The Apostle to the Apostles — the apostle who told the apostles about the rising Good News of the Gospel — would be a woman.

And on Resurrection Morning and every morning till time gives way to forever, it is the Resurrection Women
who know their incredible worth to Christ,
who know their immense calling in Christ,
who know their irrevocable gift through Christ,
and everywhere in this new world of new ways, they too will bring the Presence of Resurrection,
will relentlessly Practice Resurrection,
and will always embody the rising Power of the Resurrection.

It is Resurrection Morning and the Resurrection Women cannot help but rise up to be the truthtellers about His remaking of all the world!



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Be the Presence of Resurrection.

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