Happy, happy, happy weekend!
Come along with us here because who doesn’t need a bit of good news?

Let yourself smile, be crazy inspired, laugh, love & really live the gift of this life
just a little bit more this weekend
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Kyle Campbell- Photographer
Kyle Campbell- Photographer
Kyle Campbell- Photographer
Kyle Campbell- Photographer
Kyle Campbell- Photographer

You’ve just got to go take a peek at the way she captures the world around her. Makes me want to pause to savor my little world as well. (Because it’s true- no matter where we are, there is always beauty to find.)

oh my! now THAT’s a work of art.

some real tools for us all growing in prayer
“Prayer can never be in excess.” -Charles Spurgeon

– sending love to you & your home this lovely weekend –

100th great-grandchild?! this woman’s life is deeply rich

wow – the real questions on pain & finding God

I confess, watched this 3 times, and choked up every time

The Grace Case

In a wild world,
this is the realest reality:
The only way to still stand
through it all is to make
time to simply be still.

Stillness takes time to learn
how to practice,
and the theologian of old,
F.B. Meyer wrote,
We must cultivate the habit of
stillness in our lives, if we would
detect and know God

Still —
and let go of what has hold of you.

Still —
and let it all fall away
so you can see the Way Himself,
who is your Way.

Still —
and let go of all your control
and rest in how
your very own kind Father
is in control.

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travel 2000 lightyears in 60 seconds — just look at our universe! unfathomable beauty from our glorious God

ever wanted to find a life verse? this is your guide.

“The light shines in the darkness. It doesn’t matter what trial you find yourself in…” -CeCe Winans
some great encouragement right here

remembering a life well-written…

Kids howled with laughter over this one, and every teacher and every Mama nodded wildly

*put this song on repeat for your weekend*

after 63 years?! < tears >

Post Of The Week From Around These Parts

Who dares to believe:
The second act of your life can be the best act,
if you live as a verb, active, with agency.

And yet, honestly? It can feel like:
The older you get, the more invisible you can feel.

How do you grow older and not begin to feel invisible?
This is the plan:

Feel Invisible? How to Grow Older, Have a Stronger Second Act, & Live the Hagar Principle

– sometimes we just need some lighthearted joy & a reminder to not take everything so seriously –

oh these first-time parents! laughter sure does make tough parenting days much, much easier!

when you’ve waited most of your life for just one thing – what a surprise!

dare you not to cry on this one

oh tears! what a special moment.

“When my mind is like a battlefield
And my heart is overcome by fear
And hope seems like a ship that’s lost at sea

Peace, holds me when I’m broken
Sweet peace, that passes understanding
When the whole wide world is crashing down
I fall to my knees
And breathe in Your peace”

On the Book Stack at the Farm

oh goodness – the beauty of this place is take your breath away glorious.
Maybe, just maybe, you need a little exhale of this beauty and peaceful music for your weekend?

For every person who is walking a hard way and looking for a way through, WayMaker is your sign:

~ that the is hope, there are miracles, & that everything you are trying to find a way to,
is actually coming to meet you in ways far more fulfilling than you ever imagined.

“I’ll be your shield when you don’t feel like
You’ve got strength enough to fight
I’ll stand by your side

I will carry you
When the waters rise
When your hope runs dry
I will carry you”

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..yeah, do I get it.
It can be hard to hold on when you don’t feel held.
So when it’s hard to hold on?
You just keeping holding on to Christ.

When it’s hard to hold on, no one holds on to what is hipster.
They hold on to Him who is holy and healing.

When it’s hard to hold on —
we don’t hold on to trendy, we hold on to the True Vine,
we don’t hold on to the prevailing and popular
because we need to hold on to the
Prince of Peace and the true Perfecter of our Faith.

Believe it:
it’s the beliefs we hold, that hold on to us —
even when we’re struggling to hold on.

And we can always keep holding on
because our God can always be counted on.

The art of living lies in the balance of holding on —
and letting go because He’s holding on to to you —
He’s holding on to everything.

Because the thing is?
The art of living is about holding on to His promises —
and surrendering to His plan.

Hold on to His promises.
Let go into His plan.

Just keep holding on…
because we are the ones always held.

That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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