Happy, happy, happy weekend!
Come along with us here because who doesn’t need a bit of good news?

Let yourself smile, be crazy inspired, laugh, love & really live the gift of this life
just a little bit more this weekend
Serving up only the Good Stuff for you & your people right here:

Anna Cosper – Photographer
Anna Cosper – Photographer
Anna Cosper – Photographer
Anna Cosper – Photographer
Anna Cosper – Photographer

taking some time to stop and smell the flowers wondrously seems to give us time

some good glory to start off our weekend!
so many butterflies they make the branches bend! God’s Kingdom reminds us that there is
always, no matter what, HOPE

the beautiful, captivating story of the Bible – what a reminder!

what these ones are doing to ensure little ones have this necessity :)

You are beautiful just because: He made you!

what this young girl is doing with tea & books? to help disadvantaged kids?
you don’t want to miss this one!

< oh what a breathtaking collection of animal families around the Earth! >

what this quarterback does when he meets these kids in need! #BeTheGift

who doesn’t want a weekend stroll through a sunflower field? because yep, taking the time to smell the flowers seems to give us more time!

now this we are 100% into! what an inspiration to feast on God’s Word,
ingest God’s Word, live God’s Word

it’s never too late! you’re never too old!! just look at what this 98 year old did?!?

hey? what if all sought to live fully, joyfully who God really made us? oh what a sweet joy.

“I’ve got peace that makes no sense
So, I won’t be going under
I’m not held by my own strength

‘Cause I’ve built my life on Jesus
He’s never let me down

He’s faithful through every season
So why would He fail now”

Post of the Week from around these parts

When it Seems God Doesn’t Hear Your Prayers

The reality of this literally changed my life and nothing has given me real hope like this has

you’ve just got to read the sacrificial, over-and-above love this son gives his mom battling a tumor

daisies and ducklings? big ol’ smiles over here!

i just can’t stop thinking about it – if we all dreamt outside the box like these guys,
what brilliant things could we think up to make others day and show them radical love?

out of the ashes comes new life. HOPE! you gotta see what this young man did!

Don’t want You to miss this!

Christmas in July —
their very best sale of the year!

Be prepared to have the most meaningful Christmas and Easter….
All beautiful resources on sale from The Keeping Company to help us keep company with Jesus!

YOU can be the GOOD news for someone too! let’s be Good News people!

rest your head in a field of flowers – enjoy this lovely weekend & our Good & Kind Creator

there’s something so deeply special about Japan – come with us for a view of this beautiful land?

Need Some Real Hope?

Real Hope Ammunition For Your Hard Battles

How do you live through this hard thing — that’s effecting everything? How do you keep finding a way forward — without losing your hope along the way?

How do you keep taking one step after another — when you want to be on another road?

For Our Tender places, For our Hard Stories, For All of Us looking for More than a Way Through, but a New way to actually Be, a New way of Life

“I will lift my eyes to the calmer of the storm!”
this right here! put your eyes on Him. no matter the hard, look Up.

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…so, honestly, it turns out, everywhere we turn,
that hopes & plans & people can let us down,
and You, Father, are beckoning to all of us:

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower;
the righteous run into it and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10

People will fail us sometimes —
but You never fail anyone, anytime, Lord.

People aren’t ever strong towers —
You alone are, Lord.

“Don’t be anxious or get discouraged.
God, my God, is with you in this;
He won’t walk off & leave you in the lurch.
He’s at your side “
1Chron.28-20 MSG

“Stay alert, with your eyes wide open in gratitude.” Col.4:2 MSG

No matter what’s coming at you this week, the thing is:
No amount of regret changes the past,
No amount of anxiety changes the future,
Any amount of grateful joy changes the present.

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That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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