Mary DeMuth is a masterful storyteller, mentor, and advocate for re-storied living. And isn’t that what we all need? A rewrite of our stories? Mary has learned that in telling her own story of heartbreak and healing, she opens the door for others to find healing too. Through prayer Mary is able to share her own re-storied life and reach the heart of readers. It’s her transparency and vulnerability that set Mary apart in a picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy world. Her new book, Jesus Every Day, will take you on a year-long prayer journey drawing near to the heart of God. Come, take a seat on the farm’s front porch, and join me in welcoming Mary . . .

guest post by Mary DeMuth

I don’t remember when I started writing, “Mind if I pray for you?” at the end of my monthly newsletters, but I do remember the frequent response:

Thank you; I needed that.

In this busy and broken world, we casually throw out, “Hey, I’ll be praying for you,” but so often the sentiment is as far as we get. (I’ve done it too.)

Having the opportunity to pray for the people I’d come to love felt like joy and breathing all wrapped together.

As I typed my prayers, I asked God to please infuse my small words with His majesty and comfort.

A lot of my prayers reflected my current worry or struggle or victory or grief.

And what I found was this: My own life in its vulnerable form connected with my readers, and my written prayers represented the cries of so many hearts.

I’ve often said that four words inform my life, particularly as an author and speaker.

Go first. 

Me too. 

I believe God calls us to authenticity, to share our worlds with one another.

We do that so that others no longer feel alone.

We dare to go first so that someone who’s struggling can remark, “Me too.”

We may not see our way around the next unknown bend in the road.

But Jesus does.

He walks alongside us every day, giving us the hope we need to make the next decision, love the people in front of us, forgive those who have hurt us, let go of the control that makes us twitchy, and practice the art of gratitude.

He is with us in the heartache, the questions, the dreams, and the frailty of life.

And He longs for our hearts to unfold before Him, trusting Him to act in His perfect (yet sometimes slow) timing.

Prayer is that intersection between an almighty God and our all-encompassing need.

It’s how we connect with God—not merely listing off our wants and needs like a child on Santa’s lap, but sharing our bruises, joys, hopes, and bewilderments.

Prayer is the language of a close relationship.

I’ve taken a pilgrimage of prayer to discover the nearness of Jesus. As I mature in my relationship with Him, I find myself becoming more and more content with simply praying for people.

I pray for strangers. I pray for friends. I pray for my family constantly, like breathing.

I ask permission to pray for someone and then place my hand on a shoulder. In that circle of two, I ask Jesus to please help us all face our lives, to find peace in our trials.

I pray bold prayers, seeking healing and health.

I pray timid prayers, full of ifs and maybes.

I pray wordless prayers, those times when our words can’t seem to form at the enormity of what we face.

And through it all, Jesus hears. He sees. He receives.

And He intercedes.

Closer than our breath.

It seems fitting to end with this:

Mind if I pray for you?

Jesus, I pray for the dear person reading this prayer. Would you woo them to Yourself? Would You bring peace into whatever chaos they face today? Would you show them how deeply and widely (and wildly) You love them?

Remind them in this sweet circle of two that you are there. You are available. You offer grace to approach you—no stern looks, no sighs of disappointment, no tsking or shaking of the head. Your arms, they are wide open, and Your embrace is always available.

Take my friend on a journey to deepen their relationship with You. Empower them to run to you when life careens or hope wanes.

Invigorate their prayer life. Move mountains. Unleash freedom. Heal wounds. Restore what’s been lost. Demonstrate Your love in them-shaped ways.

Thank you that you’re the empathetic Savior who understands what it’s like to walk this dusty earth, clay-footed. Thank you for making a way for them to be safe, forgiven, and welcomed—all because You left the glory of heaven for earth’s sin-scarred shore.

Oh, how You love them. Oh, how they need You. Do something new in the heart of the one reading these words.

May spiritual growth and freedom spring forth, a new river through a wild land.

Amen and amen.


Mary DeMuth is a writer and speaker who loves to help people live re-storied lives. Author of more than 30 books, Mary is the founder of the Restory conference, using her gift of storytelling to bring hope and healing to broken relationships. She speaks around the country and the world. She is the wife of Patrick and the mom of three adult children.

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