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Peace isn’t a place, Peace is a Person. Peace is not a Place you escape to out of your every day life, but a Person you walk with every day.

Quote: We All Want it: This Is What Finding Some Real Peace REALLY Means (Because it’s Not Escaping To Somewhere Else & We All NEED it Right Where We Are)

The moment that any one sees someone as less human than themselves, is the moment more evil scars all of humanity.

Quote: Dear Predators Who Don’t Know (Or Maybe Do) That They are Predators: (And How to Not Raise Another Generation of Predators)

Hope is not the belief that things will turn out well, but the belief God is working through all things, no matter how things turn out.

Quote: How to Really Not Lose Hope in Hard Times Instead of Just Faking Hope (Brutally Honest Psalm #4)

Life’s under no obligation to give us what we hope for — but we all hope for a life that gives us hope over and over again.

Quote: How to Keep Hoping for Hard Things (& Keep Passing The Giving Light)

Advent is a whole lot more than passively waiting for the King — it’s about participating in the work of the Kingdom of God.

Quote: What Advent Really Is : What We All Really Need This Season : & How to Be A Star in the Dark