Happy, happy, happy weekend!
Come along with us here because who doesn’t need a bit of good news?

Let yourself smile, be crazy inspired, laugh, love & really live the gift of this life
just a little bit more this weekend
Serving up only the Good Stuff for you & your people right here:

Esther Havens Mann – Photographer
Esther Havens Mann – Photographer
Esther Havens Mann – Photographer
Esther Havens Mann – Photographer
Esther Havens Mann – Photographer

contagious joy! can’t get over how she captures our world full of beautiful people!

< Need a little HAPPY for your weekend? Think this little guy can help! >

oh. my. goodness! A bride who wildly loved her dress — and then gave it away on Facebook?
And then all these other brides jumped in & followed suit?! This is how we could do things, folks! #BeTheGift

oh goodness, THIS! All the nations will sing His praise!

what these parents do for their sweet baby girl in the NICU? heart melt!

*truly inspiring!* what a way to keep dreaming and conquering fears

What are we called to do,
how are we called to live?

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It was a ridiculous joy to welcome our oldest son and our daughter-in-law, Caleb and Melba, of The Keeping Company with all their legacy ways of keeping company with Christ, from where they are the other side of the world, to the farm’s wide front porch this week!

3 Practical Ways for You & Your Family to Glorify God
& Leave a Legacy of Glory

As summer ripens like a golden wheat field, Caleb and Melba continue their work in Italy and the thermometer shows over 100F most days. 

The blazing Tuscan sun is relentless; while the heat and dust are less than ideal for conducting research and exploring Florence, the heat is perfect for the growth and abundance of the fields in the hills around the city, turning the wheat white for harvest…

For You! And Yours! An invitation!

The Keeping Company is having its Biggest Sale of the Year

All resources at The Keeping Company are between 25-50% off! Now through the end of July!

Resources designed to encourage you to keep Christ constantly close at hand,
keeping close company with Him:

“Eucharisteo” silver bracelet, also available in “Hope”, “Grace”, “Cruciform”, and “Jesus”

Plan ahead for an especially meaningful Christmas and Easter

and create unforgettable family traditions year after year!

The much requested hardcopies of our beautiful Advent and Lenten devotionals: these gorgeous books – a true labor of love accompanied by tears of both conviction and joy –  are designed to guide you and your family through a daily walk with Christ during the preparatory seasons of Advent and Lent.

Don’t miss the beautiful work Caleb and Melba are doing at The Keeping Company

 Come, it’s never to late to aim to leave a generational legacy of Glory !

double dare you to watch this & not feel your heart burst happy!
Cheer someone on today —- all our hearts are so tender!

when you’re 8 & only 1 person says they can come to your birthday party —-
& you’ve just lost your Mama to cancer? BUT THE INTERNET JUMPS IN & SHOWS UP!
(so I teared up when I got to the part about the lady who drove in with her horse for pony rides! 🙌😭)
Yep, this is how we can do things & keep using socials to really love each other ! #BeTheGift!

need to be reminded that He loves you so tenderly? Read this.

oh my – what a surprise! the generosity strangers showed this woman? Let’s love like this. #BeTheGift

who doesn’t love a good reunion?!

Post of the Week from around these parts

Really Don’t Want to Waste Your life? Do This.

When we end up flying within 4 degrees of the Arctic Circle, to take up the invitation of one of my dearest classmate friends from grad school at Wheaton, to visit her in the Faroe Islands, she surprises us with this hike up this farm mountainside where the infamous character James Bond apparently died, in a movie ironically named, No Time to Die.

Don’t want to waste your days? Read the rest here

*breathe deep. a little soul exhale for your weekend*

just awe-dropping amazing! get a rare glimpse of one of God’s beautiful creatures.

what a little *cheering* for each other could do for our hearts!

some plain and simple cuteness for your weekend <all smiles>

come along for this soul exhale – glory, glory, glory!

For Our Tender places, For our Hard Stories, For All of Us looking for More than a Way Through, but a New way to actually Be, a New way of Life

THIS SONG to reorient our hearts & turn our eyes upward. *so powerful*

“And the angels cry, holy
All creation cries, holy
You are lifted high, holy
Holy forever!

Your name is the highest
Your name is the greatest
Your name stands above them all”

[ Prints FREE here ]

…so, honestly, it turns out, everywhere we turn,
that hopes & plans & people can let us down,
that the world’s shifting sand & crazy & unsafe & a gone a bit mad with all this brokenness, Lord —
and You, Father, are beckoning to all of us:

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower;
the righteous run into it and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10

People will fail us sometimes —
but You never fail anyone, anytime, Lord.

People aren’t ever strong towers —
You alone are, Lord.

Your name is our home no matter what the news screams,
You are the strong tower for Your people,
You are the safe haven for our hopes,
You are the shelter for our storms, our wounds, our disappointments, our dreams.

And when we run to You —
not to numbing distractions or loud debates or shielding cynicism —
when we run to You —
we are safe.

Safe. Safe. Safe.

Safe to love dangerously,
safe to grant grace lavishly,
safe to rest…
safe to rest in the rest of God.

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That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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