It’s okay that you may be quietly wishing today
that your story was somehow different,
because your WayMaker makes His tender way to you,
to be your Word and your Story, and He won’t stop writing healing into every line, your very own lifeline.

You may be silently grieving today
in ways no one can really understand,
and your WayMaker makes His gentle way to you, cups your face, lifts your chin, and His kind eyes find and hold yours, gently assuring that all the sad ways will someday turn around and be forever made into the perfect ways that were always meant to be.

Wooden Hands: The Keeping Company

You may be deeply tender today,
in ways that it’s hard to wrap words around,
and your WayMaker comes the whole long way to wrap His presence completely around you, making you forever safe in His closeness, that fully knows and gently traces all the raw edges and contours of your tender places and couldn’t love you more.

You may be desperately hoping today,
and your WayMaker, who is your real Way through, He’s the only One who can truly make things turn, make lives turn, make dark turn into light, make no ways and hard ways turn into highways, that are the ways into even more than what we want, because they are the ways into the embracing arms of Love Himself who forever and always wants us.

You may be looking today,
for someone really looking for you, for someone to deeply see you, the real you, and your WayMaker comes the whole long way to find you, (you!) and thrills: “There you are! There you are!” smiling a universe wide when He sees you (you!), and you can hear it, especially today, straight from the heart of the only One who has ever loved you to death and back to the realest life with His love, how His swooning baritone, celebrates and sings because of you, and He will refresh your life with His love.” (Zephaniah 3:17)

Wooden Hands: The Keeping Company

Whatever way you are today,

your WayMaker is your Way through to the realest and truest Love you’ve ever dreamed of,
because Love is who He is,

and He etched your name into hands,
stretched out His arms as far as the east is from the west for you and said, “Here, I give you my whole heart and you will always, always, always have Me.

Be Mine.”


WayMaker: Finding the Way to the Life You Always Dreamed Of is a tender story for every single one of us who had quiet expectations for maybe something different for our lives.

And this brokenhearted, vulnerable story unfolds the most passionate love of the WayMaker who makes a way to us, holds us, and carries us the whole way through.

WayMaker‘s the love story we’re all dreaming of — because it’s ultimately about the One who dreamed us into being, and loves us beyond our wildest dreams — the only One who has ever loved us to death and back to the fullest, truly beloved life. Tenderly handing you all the free gifts with your preorder of WayMaker, from our hearts, from His heart, to yours.