When I look at the calendar mid-week and it winks back at me that it’s already the 25th day of January, when I wonder where in the world the first month of the new year has up and gone, I exhale slow and just remember how tired we are all from the surreal last two years, how we are all limping a bit and just trying to find our pace and rhythm again.

Go ahead and let the well-meaning gurus keep shilling whatever they want, like they do every shiny new January, but it’s the the old trusted sages that aren’t wrong:

There’s only one sure way to walk into a new year: Leaning wholly on the Way Himself.

Now, to be honest:

My Grandpa used to say that Jesus was just a crutch for the weak to get through the world.

Yet it was Einstein, one of the most brilliant men to ever breathe, who said,  “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Which is to say:  It is life without God that is lame, and any God without awe for His ordered, scientific mind everywhere is blind.

Resource: Wooden Hands

Is it possible: What actually makes you lame is to think that this universe has no Lord.

And what makes you blind is to deny the systematic mind that works behind the mystery of our being.  

The only honest way to begin a new year, an authentic new way of being, is to begin every day with the only One who was there in the beginning and can write new beginnings.

I tell myself that when the alarm goes off:

Word In
Work Out.

The only honest way to begin a new year, an authentic new way of being, is to begin every day with the only One who was there in the beginning and can write new beginnings.

Word In
Will transform your life more than
Work Out.

Jesus is not a crutch to get through this world.
Jesus is the core of the real world,
Jesus is the crux of a new world,
And Jesus is the constant coherence of the actual world.

Jesus is not some fictional comfort mustered up by the foolish and delusional — but all the wise minds realize there is a Mastermind behind the skies.


Your heart will beat over 100,000 times, pumping more than a gallon of blood through more than 60,000 miles of  blood vessels within you every single minute.

And every single second — less than a blink of time — right inside your very own body  — 25 million new cells are made.  Count to 15, and your body has made more new cells than there are actual human beings in the whole of the United States of America.  

To think this whole shebang of our being is just an accident is how you end up needing a crutch called Pride.

I painfully confess firsthand: Pride’s the weak crutch that always lets you fall.

Not sure if Grandpa ever knew it:

Anyone can try to live in some alternate reality of their own creating, but the only realest reality is saturated with the Creator’s divinity.  

Whatever the dimensions of your one and only life, why not decide to live in the dimension of the Divine?  

This universe’s choreographed to the verses of the Word, and you, right in this moment, are a literal masterpiece that’s dreamed up and sculpted by the Master Himself, and all the stars spin to the love song that He can’t stop singing because of youFeel the reality of that.

“He celebrates and sings because of you,
and He will refresh your life with His love.”
~Zephaniah 3:17 (CEV).

What refreshes your deepest hopes, your very life is sitting each morning with His fresh mercies, His deepest love.

I thought of Grandpa when I watched the sun rise this week, glorious light lifting all the dark, and thought of how C.S. Lewis said: “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

The only way to see the way through to what could still be with your one and only life, is to steep in the Words of the only One who gives the blind sight and makes the lame walk strong.

… it’s never the size of the steps that matter, but the direction and consistency of the steps that can change a whole life  

The steps forward can be small but they can change the direction of everything — because it’s never the size of the steps that matter, but the direction and consistency of the steps that can change a whole life:  

  • Lay out the Psalms at the coffee pot, so every time you get a cup, drink Living Water.

  • Write His Words on a cue card every morning, carry like a very real compass throughout the day.

  • Make it your daily practice to grab hands and pray out loud with your people, before the day begins or before bed, but before the day is over, because this how we practice our faith, practice the Kingdom of God, practice for heaven, practice walking in the Way.

  • Learn an old hymn and sing it with your people during dishes every night and pass on the tried-and-true legacy of faith.  

  • Slip your phone into a pocket size Bible and carry both with you, because if we can always remember to keep our phones close, why not keep the phone in a pocket size Bible, so we keep His Word close, so we keep keeping company with Him?

These are not inconsequential, trite things for only the perfectly saintly, these are intentional things that shape and form the consequences of the lives of the gritty and real who are imperfectly practicing their faith, the sinners tasting the deep joy of being wholly and holy remade. What do we really want with our only lives?

When I look at the calendar at the end of January, I smile brave. There is a sure way forward.

I once asked a man with a  smile and a limp why He was leaning hard on Jesus, but he didn’t even have to answer, because I could tell by the glory glint there in his eye:

It’s only when you live in the presence of God, that you get the present of actually living. 


Joy is actually possible, right where you are.

Take the dare to discover: Life is not an emergencyLife is a GIFT. Life is too short to do anything but truly savor it — to count all the ways you truly loved.