Join us on the farm with lighting the candles for the Fourth Sunday of Advent? Reading via email? Just click on the video below or right here

Disclaimer: This ain’t all together or professional slick or anything… Just a simple, homemade video, taped by our Hope-girl, because God pressed it hard on our hearts to make a space for folks who may not have a community to celebrate the wonder and beauty of Advent? If you’re looking for an updated, fresh story, professional version, it’s our humble joy to serve you here

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PaperOrnament_Dec21_John the Baptist
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Jesus came down — and a bit of heaven can begin now, even here. With every step, we are walking into our forever now.

Come let Jesus touch our broken relationships & heal us & reconcile us with His PEACE.

This Advent, Stay in the Story that the rest of your year, your family, will need.

3 Award-Winning books for the Whole Family

The Greatest Gift (adult edition): Best Devotional of the Year, ECPA, 2014

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift (Family Edition): Best Inspirational Book of the Year, CBA, 2016

 The Wonder of the Greatest Gift: Best Devotional & Gift Book of the Year, CBA, 2019

(pop-up edition with your own 14 inch tree, 25 days of readings, 25 day advent flap calendar, hiding all 25 Biblically inspired ornaments! For any age) 

When our holidays are about Staying in the Story, being with Him —

Peace leads us — and we have ourselves The Greatest little Christmas yet!