This is a War & Where are the Prayer Warriors to Win This Battle? #PandemicPrayers

The sun rose defiant over the farm fields this morning, the way it keeps rising still.

And the Farmer and I sit in the early quiet in those those grain sack chairs by window, The Letter from our Maker in our laps, warm mugs in our hands, last night’s headlines gnawing at the back of our minds.

But we know it: When plagues descend, prayers must rise up.

So only this is on our lips, only murmured prayers like this, burning like white hot courage within, because what the world needs now is for prayer warriors to show up. 

Right now?

The world needs Prayer Warriors who don’t see prayer as the least we can do but the most we can do.

Resource for our heirloom Lenten Wreath:

Resource for our heirloom Lenten Wreath:

Who bravely pray together:

Lord GOD,

When plagues descend — our prayers will rise up.

Because when Your people who are called by Your name, humble themselves and pray and turn —

Make us a world who turns to You as our head — and not merely to the headlines.

Make us a world who turn to our closets of prayer — not to merely filling our  pantries with food.

Make us a world who turns from our self-reliance, self-arrogance, self-focus — and turn to surrender all of our selves to You.

Make us a world who not only keep washing our hands — but stays on our knees.

In the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, we repent of our pandemic of self-gratification, of indifference and sin, of apathy and idolatry, of being gods onto ourselves.

In the midst of trying to flatten the curve — we are flat on our faces — repenting of a world that’s more interested in celebrities and fame than being Your servant and the glory of Your name,
more committed to comfort than being to committed to the cost of following Christ,
more drawn to screens than being in the Secret Place with our Savior.

We repent. Forgive us, Lord.

Into our anxious places in this coronavirus,
You lean close & breathe warm courage:

Just Call to Me. I guarantee I will answer you…
I will make you strong & brave and courageous.
Jeremiah 33:3 MSG, Joshua 1

And we believe:

Our World has changed, but You haven’t.

Whatever is coming, You have already come.

However our lives intersect this pandemic, Your Cross holds us with authentic Hope.

Whenever we are given hard things, we are always  given the grace to turn it into a glorious thing.

And whenever we are looking for the way through, we need only look to You, Jesus, who is the Way.

And You calm our hearts and move in our hearts with the truth:

The way to be brave is to endure.

The way through suffering is to keep opening our hands.

The way through daily anxiety is divine intimacy.

And our hearts ask Yours:

Make us strong & Brave
because our faith in You
is greater than any fears in us or around us.

Make us strong & Brave
with faith that doesn’t  ignore anxiety, worry, suffering or fear,
but literally, daily, overcomes them because we keep coming to You.

Make us strong & Brave
because today there will be eyes on us,
and they will need to see Christ in us &
that we have answered Your calling for us,
because we have hung up on all lies from the pit of hell.

Make us Brave
to show up when it’d be easier to give up,
to go do hard & holy things when it’d be easier to go do happy things,
to not quit when we don’t know how to keep going on.

Make us strong & Brave enough to get down on our knees every morning at 7:14 and repent of our fears and idols,
all our sins & our messes, all our self-reliance & self-focus,
because there will be no regeneration in this generation,
until there is a repentance of our ways that have turned from Your Way,
because there is no winning any battles with rebel hearts,
so may a movement of repentance move us,
so You hear from heaven and heal our land,
so the land is taken for You.

Make us strong & Brave
because we are daily saved by You,
and that makes us always safe,
and the safest place ever is in Your hand,
so we can live supernaturally brave lives.

Make us Brave:

Our bravery wins a thousand battles we can’t see because our bravery strengthens a thousand others to win their battles too.

We may pray for the hard to go away, but we must pray for a Brave bigger than any hard to come.

Make us Brave to do what only seems impossible —
because through You we are: the Imposs-ABLES.

May we be Brave because there are angels closer than we know.

And all the Brave who cling to the Bravest One,
to the Only One who ever loved us to death,
& saved us back to the realest & forever life,

We all believe angels are close especially now
and He Himself will carry us through
& heal the land —

And all the Brave Prayer Warriors said Amen.

Resource for our heirloom Lenten Wreath:
It’s the prayers and grace we weave into our homes, that survives fire: You can hold light in your hand poured by refugees and  know you are bringing His light to the world! Come be part of a grace story!

These swaths of light are lifting the dark all across our old pine-planked floors, all across the worn cutting boards on the counter, across our barn-beam farm table with the Lent wreath waiting, believing.

And when His people who are called by His name, humble themselves and pray and turn — turns out that there is always a way.

When you bow down in prayer, you can see how there is always light rising.


Download the printable Prayer Of the Brave For Our Land bookmark & then tuck the Be Brave bookmark in your Bible.

And then Show Up Now at our global forum where we are sharing prayers & praying for each other — and pray every morning, with our bookmark and in our Show UP NOW community.

We need all hands on deck, all knees bent in prayer & all Prayer Warriors in position!