Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [04.18.20]

Happy, happy, happy weekend!  
Some real, down in the bones JOY to celebrate today! Links & stories this week 100% guaranteed to make you smile a mile wide & believe like crazy in a Good God redeeming everything — and that there’s love everywhere & for ((you))! 

Serving up only the Good Stuff for you & your people right here:

Cessna Kutz | Instagram

stunning… too beautiful not to share for your weekend

Photograper Captures a Once-In-A-Lifetime Shot Of A ‘Horizontal Rainbow’ That Filled The Whole Sky

Neighborhood Quarantine Flash Mob: These neighbors are good sports!

this hospital? finding creative ways to celebrate patient discharges!

amazed: 50 of The Best Entries from a ‘Water 2020’ Photography Competition

gather ’round: Because He lives

Shooting stars will light up the night sky this week — here’s how to watch!

The annual meteor shower is best viewed in a clear, pre-dawn sky

“I believe it’s our duty. I believe we should be compelled to do something when we can…”

you must come meet this nurse who picked up and went to NYC to help

even with the extra time at home? if you’re having trouble reading during this pandemic? you aren’t alone

love this! he’s taking free portraits of families at home and together…

Liga Liepina / Facebook 
Liga Liepina / Facebook 
Liga Liepina / Facebook 

come away here for a bit?! she’s photographed horses in breathtaking Icelandic landscapes

he’s sharing some good words right here

May She Always Love Him More

The Prayer of Every Christian Husband

glory, glory, glory

As a farmer — this deeply resonates…The Essential Work of Farmers

YES! Still Rolling Stones

This coming week, Christians around the world will unite for the Q 2020 Virtual Summit (April 22-23)!

It’s a grace to speak at this event alongside globally respected leaders like Tim Keller, Francis Chan, Priscilla Shirer, Lecrae and more—and I hope you’ll join us.

Over two days, you’ll hear 40+ timely talks that will educate you on the most important topics for our new moment, and you will be equipped to lead well, right where God has you. Check out this trailer to learn more about the experience.

Get your digital pass here and use code “voskamp10” for 10% off!

250 filmmakers tell 1 global pandemic story. This is #choosehopestory

Amazing Grace – maybe like you’ve never heard before

so worth the time to listen in here: Trusting God in Difficult Timesthank you, Tim Keller

Interrupting Your Feed with Some Really Good News

In this season, part of “leaning in” means that we’re not giving up our hope

Amen and amen: Love is a Miracle


Honestly? April this year kinda feels like everything happening is a very sick, bad joke. I think we sorta cancelled the whole April 1st thing. But you know what absolutely cannot be cancelled right now? What is needed now more than ever?

That we #ShowUpNow for each other, that we #BeTheGift to each other.

Because actual lives depend on it.

Right now, we all desperately need to be the gift to each other. To stand together in solidarity—FOR each other—knowing that an act of kindness, giving it forward, can be more powerful than the spread of any pandemic, more powerful sword in starting movements that move us all toward Love.

Dare with us? Let’s spread kindness, start a bit of a movement, a giving, generous, caring, broken and given and transforming revolution that turns things around.

Could there be a more beautiful way to live your one life in times like these? Dare with us — to take a daring path to the abundant life!

Easy, doable ideas for the whole family to Give It Forward Today, even in the midst of COVID 19—to be the G.I.F.T.

Love is a verb and that verb is give. For God so loved the world — HE GAVE. You only have one life — to love well. WE CAN #SHOWUPNOW, DO THIS THING AND #BETHEGIFT! ~~Download the Free COVID-FRIENDLY #BeTheGift Calendar under “Free Tools” here:

AND CHECK OUT ‪‬ right now — to turn this thing around in all kinds of ways right now

How to Actually Live the Secret of Contentment

Philippians 4:10-13

Books for Soul Healing:

One Thousand Gifts 

Joy is actually possible, right where you are.

Take the dare to discover: Life is not an emergencyLife is a GIFT.
Life is too short to do anything but truly savor it — to count all the ways you truly loved.


The Broken Way 

What if Brokenness is the Path into the Abundant Life?
You don’t have to be afraid of broken things — because Christ is redeeming everything.
There’s no other authentic way forward — but a broken way — right into a profoundly abundant life.


The Way of Abundance 

Journey into a deeply meaningful life with this devotional and take sixty steps from heart-weary brokenness to Christ-focused abundance. The Way of Abundance — is the way forward every heart needs.


Be The Gift 

Be the Gift is a tender intivation into the next step of deeper transformation, less stress, more joy and abundantly more peace & purpose. You only get one life to love well…to Be The Gift.

Museums have always been a way to escape the pressures of daily life. Yet, just when we really need them, they’re closed … except, thank goodness, on the internet. Let’s visit some of the arts institutions whose virtual doors are open for exhibitions and artistic exploration

[ Print’s FREE here: ]

…yeah, it’d be real easy to get a bit frustrated today.
And this might be one of the most life-changing truths I’ve ever known: Only speak words that make souls stronger.

It is real easy to feel the sharp sting of somebody’s words.
And that’s the thing: Only speak words that make souls stronger.

It is real easy to feel some heat & pressure to lash out, to let the tongue rip. And there’s the game-changer: Only speak words that make souls stronger — so that you stay strong.

“Say only what helps, each word a gift.” Eph.4:29MSG

Only speak words that make souls stronger— because the thing is, once words are spoken, they may be forgiven, but may be not forgotten.

Dare to fully live!

That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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