How Good Friday 2020 Gives Us 20/20 Vision When the World’s kinda on Fire

There’s a burnt and charred Cross that hangs over my desk, like the whole world’s kinda on fire and has come to the foot of the Cross.

Like a whole blistering world of us has come with all the scorched dreams for our people and the torched hopes of our former lives.

Come with our soot-smeared relationships and the cinders of the story that now won’t ever be. The people lost to us, the prospects gone up in flame, the longings for things that now seem long gone.

Come straight through the haze of smoke burning the eyes and searing our vision of the way we’d imagined our lives would look: Our tables without any achingly empty places, our landscapes without any freshly dug graves, all the grace of our days without any unbearably deep cuts of the sharp edge of grief.

Come with more than our own stories, but come with each other and the injustice of all the starved and parched, come with the collective heartbreak of the fragile and fractured, come with the weight of a whole world of bruised and ruined.

Come with the heavy ashes of plans that are now all powder in the wind.

Come with the incinerated bits of your one smoldering heart.

Come to the Cross because there is nowhere else in the world to go with this lament of all our cremated hopes.

Because in all the world:

Only the Cross is stretched wide open enough to hold and embrace an ache like ours.

Only the Cross can breathe life across the dying embers of our dreams because He is working in more ways than it seems.

Only the Cross says that what feels like darkness-at-noon moments can be part of destroying all of the dark.

Only the Cross says what looks wrecked can resurrect.

Only the Cross says that there is a Way through, but it won’t look the way we’d thought, but in every one of His ways, He’s working in a thousand other ways. Trust all of His ways.

And Good Friday says believe in the better mysteries:
Believe death killed death.
And the born can be reborn.
Sin can be consumed by Love,
Debt can be erased by Grace,
And The Nailed One can nail it, kill it and resurrect all of it better than our wildest dreams because His new Kingdom right now is defeating any evil’s venom.

Because only this King on this Cross can become the lever that turns the cosmic axis of this world and our lost souls right around and begin a revolution.

Good Friday doesn’t just change our own story — Good Friday changes the whole world.

In a world that desperately needs good news — there is Good Friday and a revolutionary Sunday morning coming with a new world order and that is the realest news.

The world outside our doors is on fire this year and through the veil of smoke, this is the year of clearest 2020 vision:

The Cross is our only Hope.

On Good Friday morning, through the searing haze of these days, I see —  really see — and I reach out to touch that charred Cross over my desk and feel it:

Come to the Cross and the passion of the Christ, and let the heart ignite with a love that cannot be razed, our love song rising far higher in a glory blaze of its own.