Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [08.24.19]

Happy, happy, happy weekend! 
Some real, down in the bones JOY to celebrate today! Links & stories this week 100% guaranteed to make you smile a mile wide & believe like crazy in a Good God redeeming everything — and that there’s love everywhere & for ((you))! 

Serving up only the Good Stuff for you & your people right here:

Jessica Walker 
Jessica Walker 
Jessica Walker 

because some weekends are begging us to deeply exhale on a long quiet walk

yeah, we all need a little help now and then

Andrey Shcherbak 
Andrey Shcherbak 
Andrey Shcherbak 

just for fun: How Earth Would Look If Cats Were A Lot Bigger

this mom is spreading some cheer: ‘you just have to laugh at yourself’

ever wonder where the term ‘cloud 9’ came from?

A Countdown of Words with Numbers 10-1: From ‘hang ten’ to ‘one-horse town’

a coach’s end of season speech that’s being seen ’round the world

he’s given in extraordinary ways:

Man becomes legend for extreme acts of kindness toward strangers #BeTheGift #TheBrokenWay

so who knew? The elite category of endurance athletes is truly incredible. They run 50-mile ultramarathons, bike the 23-day Tour de France, and generally achieve physical feats that seem superhuman.

But there is a limit to the human body, and scientists have found it.

wow: A crew of Canadian service dogs watched a live musical as part of their training

smiling large through this one!

they’re saying? Reading aloud to your kids makes them smarter and kinder

when the past is the present: it’s about passion

Florence is one of the last cities in the world that still has a thriving culture of artisanship, with historic roots that go back 600 years. (!)

Screens Are Changing the Way We Read Scripture

As digital reading habits rewire our brains, how will we process the Bible differently?

because we all need to love — and be loved

so can you smell the ribbon ink? they’re inviting folks to write — the old fashioned way…

To Women We Haven’t Thanked Enough

A Song for Forgotten Mothers

But What if it Works?
Daniel Robson

tears at this one: How This Amazing Girl is Fighting Bullying and Changing Attitudes

Beyond grateful for the saving work of Compassion International 

“If I could say something to my father, I would say: I’ve always been very proud of you…”

Once a custodian, he’s now a principal: ‘Don’t let someone write your story’

video of the week right here… just no words

Post of the week from these parts here

Really Seize the Last of Summer: Cheap & Easy {Free Printable}

to encourage you: “If you’ve been working hard to accomplish something and are not seeing the level of benefit that matches your level of investment, remember Simon…

Jesus enters into emptiness. Weakness is always a platform for His strength. Every. Single. Time.”

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What do you do when you wake up and feel like you’re not enough for your life? Or when you look out the kitchen window as dusk falls and wonder how do you live when life keeps breaking your heart?

In sixty vulnerably soulful stories, The Way of Abundance moves from self-weary brokenness to Christ-focused givenness.

Christ Himself broke like bread, giving Himself to us so we might have a lifelong communion with Him. Could it be that our brokenness is also a gift to the world?  These tender devotionals dare us to embrace any and all brokenness as a gift that moves us closer to the heart of God. 

This gentle book does nothing less than take you on an intimate journey of the soul. 

Order Your Way to Abundance Here

on repeat this week: Wonderfully Made

[ Print’s FREE here: ]

…sometimes the thing you never would choose for your life, chooses you for a reason.
And the thing that you’d never pick? Picks you to become brave.

And sometimes…
you get what you need — by walking through what you never wanted –
and the thing you never wanted, may turn out to be be the thing you need most.

I hadn’t known but now believe: the thing that may make you fall a bit apart, may be part of what one day holds you a bit together.

So! “…we’re not giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without His unfolding grace.” 2Cor4MSG

May we feel Your presence holding our wounds today, Lord…
and let us be present & sit like a gentle gift with just one other person feeling wounds of their own.

[excerpted from our little Facebook family … come join us each day?]

Dare to fully live!

That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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