when you just want to feel Christmas deep down in your heart

When you want to know you haven’t missed Him this Christmas

when you wish you could find your way back or forward

when you want Christmas to not be over  — or you sorta wish it all had been different

when you just want to really feel Christmas deep down in your weary bones, deep down in your heart: just click on the video below

~from The Greatest Gift, Unwrapping the Fully Love Story of Christmas
[Part 1: what a hurting world wants most on Christmas Eve ]

so from our crazy clan to yours…


Levi Voskamp

Our God who cradles whole galaxies in the palm of His Hand, whom highest heavens cannot contain, He folds Himself into our skin, uncurls His newborn fist in the cradle of a barn feed trough — and we are held, saved, rescued… safe.

Withness breaks brokenness.

And He is EmmanuelGod is with us.

This Christmas season, may you & yours feel enveloped & carried & held by Him who is always, always, always with you… 
All’s grace,
Ann xo…


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