Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [11.03.18]

Happy, happy, happy weekend!
Some real, down in the bones JOY to celebrate today! Links & stories this week 100% guaranteed to make you smile a mile wide & believe like crazy in a Good God redeeming everything — and that there’s love everywhere & for ((you))! 

Serving up only the Good Stuff for you right here:

Jamie Justus Out @jamieout 
Jamie Justus Out @jamieout 
Jamie Justus Out @jamieout  

good weekends start in the quiet places


now this school cafeteria manager is onto something right here…

this island of just 50 residents? where they are ruled by the weather as opposed to the clock…could you live here?!?

Journeying from Resistant to Acceptance  

kinda couldn’t stop watching – can you even?!?

this one’s about so much more than a pizza delivery: just wow

found this one fascinating: What do grandmothers have to do with depression?

don’t forget to show love…

(c) John A. Chakeres / Instagram / Website 

After 30 Years, Photographer Reveals Historic Archive of NASA Space Shuttle Images

Addiction nearly ruined this ballet dancer’s life, and now he’s helping others in recovery…

cheering wildly at this idea: grandparents give students mentors and themselves a purpose

“We’re wrapping our arms around them…it’s an outgrowth of how we used to treat teachers — like preachers.”

listen to your story

thank you for this, Jon BloomDistraction Can Cost You Everything

In this short documentary, members of the ESV Translation Oversight Committee and Crossway’s leadership team reflect on the history of the English Standard Version—with deep reverence, gratitude, and ongoing wonder at what God has done and continues to do through the ESV Bible.

Soli Deo Gloria!—To God alone be the glory!

How to avoid life’s biggest regrets, enjoy the best years: Advice from 90-year-olds

A minister who interviewed her oldest congregants was surprised by some of their answers

this one’s straight out of a storybook

are we coming to a city near you?!?

it would be a humble grace to meet you at one of these upcoming Christmas events!

exhale: glory, glory, glory

kinda undone: an extraordinary story of healing, hope, and love

“…ministry is where you have been called to serve and the assignment you’ve been given…” don’t miss this one?


Post of the Week from these parts here

About Feeling like a Failure, About Regret and Sources and A Modern Day Psalm 51: Brutally Honest Psalms #7

beautiful: how to Love Thy Neighbor

grateful for the wisdom here: If you don’t pray you won’t live…

November is here!

Maybe this month, we all just need the gift of Joy… a bit of Hope? To stand together — FOR each other — knowing that an act of kindness, giving it forward, can be more powerful than any sword in starting movements that move us all toward Love.

Want the gift of light breaking into all the broken places, into all the places that feel kinda abandoned? These pages are for you. It’s possible — abundant joy is always possible, especially for youBreak free with the tender beauty of The Broken Way & Be The Gift 

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You only get one life to love well.

Pick up Be The Gift & live the life you’ve longed to

in case there is any doubt, know that God. is. bigger.

on repeat this week: because broken people are exactly who You use…

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…look, this is going to get real personal:

You are seen & known.

You aren’t just another face in the crowd, you aren’t just left fighting your battle, trying to slay your giants, forgotten & alone on the backside of nowhere. You aren’t just a number — your name, your name is engraved into the palm of His hands. He knows you — He knows that thing you can’t say out loud, He knows the soreness of the hidden wounds you’ve been carrying around on the inside, He knows the weight that you’ve been lifting & trying to pretend isn’t even there. He wrote a love letter to you about it all; He didn’t just write the Word–He wrote it for you … He wrote it to you — personally.

He wrote your name on His hand — personally.

He whispered, “I am Love — for you… & I love all the world — but don’t ever think that’s just some blanket statement– I come to you & wrap you personally in My love.”

This all gets real personal — because God is real & personal & He draws near to you today and says: “You, YOU are my Beloved — You are held & upheld, you are cupped & carried, you are wanted & wooed — you. are. not. alone.”

It’s always beautifully, intimately, real & personal:

Knowing God is love —
is not the same as knowing:
God Loves YOU.

[excerpted from our little Facebook family … come join us each day?]

Dare to fully live!

That’s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth.

Give Thanks. Love well. Re – joy, re- joy, ‘re- joys’ again

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