The Secret You Have To Know When it Seems Like God Doesn’t Hear Your Prayers

A lady flat-out told me today that she’s not going to live through what she’s going through.

What if you’re looking for light at the end of a tunnel — that turns out to be a cave with only a dead end?

A friend whose oldest son drove down the road only to lose control on loose gravel and lose his ability to ever walk or speak again? The very same friend whose husband now just walked out and left her high and dry after 30 years of sleeping spooned together side by side under cotton sheets?

She tells us that lump she found? Is breast cancer. So she has no idea if she can take that full-time career position she just found — but there’s only her to keep the fridge full now.

What if you’re dealt bad hands — and they seem to come from the hand of God?

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Levi Voskamp

And then a farmer called the house this morning.

Called to say that those pregnant clouds, heavy with rain, that we were all begging to deliver us into relief from this drought, their dark bellies rolled right on past his parched fields — and left a thousand acres of his corn out there dying of thirst.

What if you’re right parched and God keeps right on passing you by?

What if it feels like your prayers aren’t falling only on deaf ears — but a hard heart?

What if your begging please — feels like ignored pleas?

When I sat on the roof of the Upper Room just the other week in Jerusalem, sat on the rooftop over the room where Christ sat with His people for the Last Supper, sat looking out past the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, toward the Garden of Gethsemane, I pressed open the pages of His letter to us and read it aloud, some of His last words to His gathered followers:

“I have manifested your name to the people whom you gave me out of the world. Yours they were, and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word….

I am praying for them.”  John 17:6-9

And I broke like clouds over parched places and rained relief.

“I am praying for them.” – Jesus

Though you think no one is praying with you, the Ultimate One is praying for you.

The One who brought you into existence is carrying you in prayer when that existence is brutally hard.

The One who breathes stars breathes prayers for you, the One whose words spoke the world into being uses priceless words over your being, the One who made time, lives beyond time, controls all of time, uses all of His time to pray for you, because you are priceless to Him.

Your prayer warrior is more than any warrior — He is the king of Kings and He has already won.

Jesus lives to endlessly, relentlessly and flawlessly pray for you (Hebrews 7:25), and your prayer partner is the One who possesses all power, and what He is praying for is your protection (John 17:11), your interconnection (11), your God-satisfaction (13), and your always-sanctification. (17-19).

Jesus is praying for your holiness because He knows holiness is your ultimate happiness.

Jesus is praying that you’ll be set apart from what threatens to take part of your heart.

Because He knows: When you just want Him — then you always get just what you want.

Jesus is praying that you’ll be brave when you’re about to break, that you’ll turn from what’s tempting, that you’ll stand against what’s strangling, that you’ll escape into Him instead of trying to escape in a thousand unfulfilling ways.

Hard times don’t need to understand what God’s doing — like they need to know God’s standing with us, that He’s kneeling in prayer for us at all times. Nothing makes you more fiercely brave than knowing Jesus is fiercely praying for you.

Jesus has set aside all of forever to pray that you may be set apart now.

What could matter more? Jesus is praying right now that the Spirit comforts you, strengthens you, anoints you with fresh oil of brave joy.

We can get through anything because Jesus is seeing us through, carrying us through, praying us through. And when we’re struggling to pray, it’s Jesus Himself Who prays for all we’re struggling with. There are arms that won’t let you go, there are plans that won’t abandon you, there are prayers that won’t fail you.

The hand of God finds yours.

We are never alone in the dark — but finally alone with Him.

Father, I ask that you allow everyone that you have given to me
to be with me where I am!” (John 17:24)

The dark gives way to warming light, because there it is, what breathes blazing hope into any blackness:

Jesus won’t get off His knees until you are in His arms.

The Light carries you especially now.