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You can’t really know grace and not really be moved. Grace always moves us. Grace starts movements.

Quote: How The Real Sisterhood of Women– is Really the ASSISTerhood (annnnd … The Best (New!) Subscription Box?)

Your job is not to find love. Your job — is to find all walls you’ve built to keep love out.

Quote: When You’re Tired of Your Heart Getting Hurt: The Secret to the Good Life

For the nations— and the next generation — to seek Him — this generation can seek nothing less.

Quote: Dear Us: The Surprising (New) Way to Have a Stress-Free, WONDER-FULL Holiday & get Our Christmas MOJO back!

We only think we might write the story different because we don’t know the same things the Storyteller knows.

Quote: Why God Doesn’t Heal People We Love? [Brutally] Honest Psalms #3

The happiness was literally all around her. God is literally all around us.

Quote: The Really Crazy, Unexpected Secret to Happiness When Things Are Hard