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You are doing something great with your life – when you’re doing all the small things with His Great love.

Quote: 25 Unexpected Life-Transformative Secrets I learned from 3 days with Katie Davis Majors

Your life is unwreckable because Christ’s love is unstoppable.

Quote: when you are kinda feeling old & a bit busted by life: the traumatic disorder of everyday life

Blessed are us who miss the road to riches. For less stuff, lets more of the only Savior save us.

Quote: How to Not Get Duped into Living The Fake Beatitudes (& how a Kid in Africa Unexpectedly Moves a Whole World of Us to The Attitude of The Genuine Beatitudes)

When girls have no choice — we have to make a choice to say yes to their worth, their voice, their rights.

Quote: Why Every Girl (and her dreams) Counts — and what happens if they don’t