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~Laid Bare~

Today was a laying-bare day. Shovels in hand, we scouted out the yard in search of the best place to rent the earth open. Three maple trees and two sunburst…



The Lord Jesus receivedIs holiness begun The Lord Jesus cherishedIs holiness advancing The Lord Jesus counted upon as never absentWould be holiness complete. ~John McCarthy Lord Jesus, let me read…


~A Good Start~

The rumble of an engine into our darkened farmyard this morning stirred Darryl—then he flew straight straight off the pillow, feet thumping the floor: “Transport truck is here!” I peered…



“For a reminder of his time here, Jesus chose scars in each hand. That is why I believe God hears and understands our pain, and even absorbs it into himself—because…



Sometimes you have plans. And Life happens. My plans belong to You. And so they can be nothing but good and perfect. But…. My plans for this week looked different…


Preparing for our King….

We are memorizing: On Easter Day ~Celia Thaxter Easter Lilies! Can you hearWhat they whisper, low and clear?In dewy fragrance they unfold,Their splendor sweet, their snow and gold.Every beauty-breathing bellNews…



Sometimes we must speak or the stones will cry out. I have cried. It is now time to speak. To speak of our family’s personal experiences applying the teachings of…



(Spunky’s thought provoking post on conflict has me thinking…about this home, in this heart…can You and I talk about it?) Sometimes I don’t see it the same way. My set…



Tomorrow I will begin posting Devotions for our Passover Tree (our resurrection version of the Jesse Tree)….and we begin preparing our hearts…. ~ Make an Easter version of a Jesse…


Soul Raising

“Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it.” -Rene Descartes, philosopher and mathematician Ways to raise a soul: Make…