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Gift List, Gratitude

Beautiful, Everyday Gifts

“The true way to live is to enjoy every moment as it passes, and surely it is in the everyday things around us that the beauty of life lies.” ~Laura…

Gift List, Gratitude

Too Much

I am looking for little things: Dabs of snow tissue comforting window panes in howling winds The blue of the snow as it meets the twilit grey sky Soap suds,…

Homeschooling, Passion Devotions, Worship

Passion Devotions: Selecting a Lamb

Passion Devotions. Day 3.Today’s Reading: Exodus 12:21-30 It had to be personal. No proxies or sending a substitute would suffice. You had to make the decision yourself, seek out the…

Faith, Listening, Quotes


“Every happening ,great and smallis a parablewhereby God speaks to us, andthe art of life isto get the message.” ~Malcolm Muggeridge Father… let me see that all the little pieces…

Lent, Passion Devotions

Making A Passion Tree

You hung on a tree, Lord.Because of Your passion for all humanity. We remember.And make our own Passion Tree. An old sap bucket, a patina of rusted green, hangs on…

Lent, Passion Devotions

Passion Devotions: The Ram in the Thicket

Passion Devotions: Day 2 Today’s reading: Gen.22:1-14 God asked for Abraham’s son. Abraham’s only son. The one Abraham loved so much. God did not ask for Abraham’s son to serve…

Farming, Freeze Frame, Quiet, Work

Spotted, at just past one

It was just before lunch, today. I think the clock on the stove read a few minutes after one. I was serving up the broiled sandwiches, Darryl ladling the soup….

Homeschooling, Morning Gathering, Spiritual Disciplines

It all Matters: Morning Gathering

What we’ve been singing/memorizing in Morning Gathering… Little drops of water,little grains of sand,make the mighty oceanand the beauteous land.(Little things matter…. )And the little moments,humble though they may be,make…


A Wretch like Me

The calendar read today’s date, March 10. The year, 1748. A captain out at sea has been spending the late hours reading Thomas a Kempis’s The Imitation of Christ. He…

1JN, Memorization

This Week’s Memory Work

Reviewing past memory work this week, 1 John 1: 1-10, and 1 John 2:1-29 while tending to my vineyard …and working to recite this week to our partner Memorization Family:…

Homeschooling, Quotes, Restoring Wonder

Delight Learning: Restoring Wonder

Charlotte Mason shows how to Restore Wonder… “Is little Margaret fixing round eyes on a daisy she has plucked? In a second, the daisy will be thrown away, and a…