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Quiet Relief Near-Daily
Quiet Relief in one Weekend Bundle
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The 1 Habit More Important than Quiet Time? {Memorize the Mount: Free Sermon on the Mount Memory Booklet}

Who memorizes God in the age of Google? For a week, longer, I wake with these fears choking hard. Fears pushing me into the pit. And it comes while I…

Refiner's Fire, Walk with Him, WWHW

when it’s hard to still keep on hoping

The earth’s cold under the finger nails. I dig holes with a wedge of steel and around fringes of the domed sky, the clouds scud gray. Dad had called first thing…

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when you’re broken

Christ comes to us in the only way any of us can recognize — with a body right broken. Who of us isn’t busted? On a Sunday, the pastor breaks…

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where love comes from

‘Each wheat head is full this year —- large. Like that year when you were in France.” He pulls out a long, slender stalk — shows me the wheat kernels…