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I ask your grace. There are things afoot in our family these days. I am still here everyday because without scratching it down a bit, I literally cannot think. But…

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Questions in Solitude

“Unless our questions, problems and concernsare tested and matured in solitude, it is not realistic to expect answers that are really our own…” ~A Henri Nouwen quote sent in by…

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Telling Our Stories….

May I thank you? Each of you, for your kind, wise, notes tucked in the inbox? I’m dismally behind in responding. It’s a function of too few hours–not of my…

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Brave Strokes

(Revisiting Paris… ) It’s only brushstrokes of color, heavy and textured, deliberate and intended, somehow brash and unrefined, and yet I hold my breath, hold this moment of witnessing. For…

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I flew west to think about words, to meet women who write. That felt awkward, strange. For what do I know about words? I simply scratch in the dark, an…

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Living into a Good Story

I am not there in the kitchen when she spills the ink bottle across the counter, there to see it run down her arms, splatter cupboard fronts, pool on planks…


Known and Loved

I met you! You were just perfect: warm, gracious, broken and Jesus shining brilliantly through the cracks. It was all gift to slip out of this dim place and meet…

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Journal/Schedule Inspiration

…inspiration from Lani’s Journal of Days… (using the MomAgenda layout)…beauty from Debi’s Visual Journal…and for ideas of what to include in your visual journal, a creative place to gather the…