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Advent Devotionals. Week 03. Joy. [Video]

{Consider turning off music by clicking the speaker bar near the bottom of  the left margin?} Disclaimer: This ain’t all together or professional slick or anything… Just a simple, homemade…


Only the Good Stuff: Sharing Links that Feed the Soul

… fav follow on instagram: @saraparsons 3 Things I Wish I knew Before We Got Married How A Man Finds His Calling at 80 The Whole Earth is Full of…

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Top 10

… just some of the Top 10 from this summer…   {… just quietly savoring the grace of this long weekend friends… — and Lord willing, back tomorrow with a…

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#HappySecretComing… Tomorrow (!!!)

The package you’re called to unpack everyday is who you really are — your real calling. So unwrap your real story — because if you deny your story, you deny…


Morning Espresso 9.5

{usually links are shared over there on the sidebar ‘ponderings’… trying something a little new and crazy today and we’ll see if it works? Regular, actual post for today to…

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…. Rise. Rise up {Easter Sunday Reflection}

The cornerstone of Christianity is this rotting cell sparking, a heart valve quivering in the pitch, a beetle scratching in the black while convex chest cavity shudders, sunken death inflating…

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How to be a Better Lover

I‘m sitting there on the side of a windblown road, waiting for the Farmer to bring me a jug of gas. We’ve knocked on a door. Asked if we could…

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What is time for but this?

Wildest Grace! And thousands of you most beautiful people all say “Here I am” and become 1000 gifts and the cycle of grace continues on and on and the five…