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Why We Hold Memories…

I‘m practicing the act of remembering. This act He asks of His people. Because thanksgiving is turning the heart to look back to see all the long way His arms…

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Found in her….

Joy and gladness will be found in her,thanksgiving and the voice of song.” ~Isa. 51:3 Endless gifts …. hum of vaccuum duct tape healing book wounds squeak of washing windows…

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Weed Seeds

Spheres on stilts perforate the lawn, these dandelions propped feasting planets for sun-grazed feathers. I watch from window, goldfinches flashing gold about the whitened old globes. And He who choreographs…

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Where’s the Joy?

Reading through the Gratitude Community Blogroll ministers to this soul in meaningful ways. Thank you for joining and sharing what you are learning from embracing a lifestyle of “in everything…

Gift List, Gratitude, Refiner's Fire, Spiritual Disciplines, TDJ

Making Dandelion Wine

Notes from around the gratitude community on Making Dandelion Wine Mama Whitney at Hearts of Gratitude writes: “The gifts listed here are things I saw as barriers initially but, with…

Eucharistic Living, Gift List, Gratitude, Joy, TDJ

Living a Prayer

Last night I visited the blogs of folks who are joining the Gratitude Community (see blogroll in sidebar), reading through their own 1000 Endless Gifts lists. Can I tell you:…

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Glad Refugees

A few blankets still nonchalantly hang around, errant pillows loitering. I gather the debris of a March afternoon, of cousins and forts, sheets clamped to bedposts and pillows piled high….