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Quiet Relief Near-Daily
Quiet Relief in one Weekend Bundle
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Simply Stilled

Because the knowing Him on paper needs to lead to knowing Him in person. Because one is only onto superficiality. And the other alone onto salvation. :: ::   He…

Listening, Quiet, Slow, Weekends

weekends are for moving in the right direction

Wherever you are right in this moment, whatever you face straight on today, may your wanderings this weekend, true friend, glide quiet… take to wing …. climb ever higher …….

Farming, Listening, Quiet, Walk with Him, WWHW

How to Hear From God

My mama said she heard voices. Had heard voices all the years since the dark and the unwanted shadows moving across the walls, across her and the innocence. Strange, me,…

Bible Reading, Listening, Walk with Him, WWHW

Three Ways to Hear God Today

It’s crazy, but I wait all day like Elijah on the mountain, wait for the loud and the blazing, the flash and fireball. The dog barks on the front porch….

Beauty, Farming, Listening, Quiet, Quotes, Slow

Weather Report: Listening

I sit on rim of the world, the edge of a cornfield, and only hear wind in corn. October rustles leaves of the dead still standing. Dead leaves, thousands, touch,…

Homeschooling, Listening, Nature, Peace

Weekends are for Finding Wildflowers

Sweet peas grow in the ditches, buttercups along country roads, and Queen Anne in all her lace presides, regal and white, over summer blooming wild. Weekends are for wandering in…

Family, Freeze Frame, Listening, Love, Unity

Story, Sisters and Souls

It’s nearly four o’clock in the afternoon, first day of June, and sun slants in the windows on the west, that shy globed visitor that daily circles round the house,…