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  • How the Hidden Dangers of Comparison are Killing Us … {and Our Daughters} : The Measuring Stick Principle

    On Wednesday, November 06 th, 2013
    When our Hope-girl came in and sat at the foot of our bed, I knew she was looking for a way to stand. “So what am I supposed to do now?” I gathered her long hair in my hands, gathered her mane all in one long strand and twisted it slow, around and around, as
  • When You’re Missing Hope

    On Thursday, October 03 rd, 2013
    The earth’s cold under the finger nails. I dig holes with a wedge of steel and around fringes of the domed sky, the clouds scud gray. Dad had called first thing in the morning: if I had anything to do outside, today looked like the last day. Might be the last warm day to dig in
  • Missing Him: 31 Days of Calling on Jesus

    On Tuesday, October 01 st, 2013
    Sometimes you miss home. Even when you’re home. Sometimes you miss Him. Even when He’s everywhere. And your heart hurts a bit for more… and homesickness aches some days at the edges … and you’re tired of Missing Him. Missing Him in the hurry that hurts, missing Him in the blur that blinds, missing Him
  • How to Live Through the Hard Weeks

    On Monday, September 09 th, 2013
    Sometimes, even right before it really begins, you know how the week’s going to go. I look in the mirror early on a Monday morning, the bedhead looking more like a monsterhead, and I look right into that water-splattered mirror. And tell the woman looking back at me how the next seven days are likely
  • 3 Ways: How to Find & Fight for Joy

    On Wednesday, September 04 th, 2013
    So yeah… in which the neck breaks out in nervous blotches. And the make-up artist keeps insisting you need a little more and you keep smiling weakly and say no, really, no more, that’s good… And in actual fact you are at home with bad hair, a whole passel of kids and a full sink
  • When You are Broken: The Now-Traumatic Disorder of Everyday Life

    On Thursday, August 08 th, 2013
    They sell anti-aging cream to women like us. And Spanx. And glossy checkout line headliners that splay this shock that over 40-something women can still startlingly turn heads — as if having no wrinkle lines in your skin is somehow an accomplishment of galactic proportions and worthy of worship – and you can just be
  • Good News Saturday Links: Sharing Crazy Beauty

    On Saturday, July 20 th, 2013
    From Marte Marie Fosberg, one of my favorite instagramers to follow : sheer beauty The beauty of Difference : Beauty is Everywhere (because He is) {You must see the whole inspiring Positive Exposure website of the beauty of difference} When you feel unloveable…. Please… watch to the very end. I am RA Dickey (winner of
  • Why Your Kids don’t Need a SuperMama

    On Tuesday, July 16 th, 2013
    When one of the boys pulls off his Sunday shoes, the filthy ones ridiculously still clinging to “Sunday Shoes” status, he catches my eye and grins like he’s swallowed a canary. “So I only wore one sock to church.” What are you going to do but laugh with the grinning kid? Yeah, I am that
  • When you sort of feel like you don’t belong

    On Wednesday, May 29 th, 2013
    Someone has to be that Mother. That mother who drives a full 3 hours to the border with a packed mini-van and anxious kids and creeps through a 20 minute traffic backup under the hot, beating sun, only to rifle through her wallet and look up feebly to tell the custom’s officer she doesn’t have
  • A Life Plan When You’re Overwhelmed: Sanity Manifesto Printable

    On Saturday, January 26 th, 2013
    So I’m a mess and we’re all failures — at least all the honest of us are. And the truth is, no one ever runs before they take baby steps.  So I scratch down these 25 points, like my own sanity manifesto, and there are a thousand ways in a thousand seasons to make a life
  • How to Breathe Through the Hard Times

    On Tuesday, January 22 nd, 2013
    They were born the same week. Both of them, days apart, two miracle years ago this week. My scribbly little book and her loveliest little person. And my sister had said to me, said into the phone, during early labor — “Tell me I can do this.” And I wait for her to breathe heavy
  • 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Begin Your 2nd Term of Life

    On Monday, January 21 st, 2013
    It felt like the second term to her. Her 39 and him about 40, and the first half over, now the beginning of the second. Or of the end — depending how you looked at it. You don’t get to make up most of your story. That’s what she thought at the stove over eggs,
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