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You don’t need higher self-esteem. You need greater self-grace — that comes from the depths of His grace.

Quote: Anyone who secretly feels like a loser – this one’s for you

The art of living is about holding on to His promises — and surrendering to His plan.

Quote: When It’s Hard to Keep Holding On: What Helps Me

That which we refuse to thank Christ for — we refuse to believe Christ can redeem.

Quote: Dear You who feels wounded

We get to be like Jesus to people as they march to their own drum. And it’s only Jesus who gets to change drums.

Quote: how to be one of the ones who we all need right now: #stego

Having Christian convictions can’t ever negate having Christ’s compassion.

Quote: how to navigate & hold on to love through a divided world: of bundles & branches & bridges & the broken way of being love

If my life denies that I am about the oppressed and crushed —- my life denies the gospel and Christ.

Quote: A Painful Confession: How Do Christians Today Not Deny or Trample on Christ?

The answer to anxiety is always to exalt Christ.

Quote: the 1 secret to destroying anxiety and fears this year

Courage is the one thing that is always asked of us — because it determines how we answer everything in our life. 

Quote: when you’re weary & just want to prepare your heart for Christmas — & a bit of Hope

You weren’t abandoned in this place to be forgotten — you were placed in this place to be found.

Quote: the secret truth that cures feelings of abandonment & what has to be said about Advent

We can turn a blind eye to the needy all we want, but it could have turned out that we were the needy.

Quote: Dear Children of Aleppo: The People of the World Needed to Tell You This on #GIVINGTuesday

When the church opens its arms to change the world’s story  — this is what changes the story of the church in the world.


Quote: when you want to experience a love story: how a broken world makes the holidays be holy days

Instead of giving someone a piece of your mind—it’s far better to give them pieces of your heart.

Quote: win or lose, the way forward through this messy brokenness