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Life’s not about growing your career, your bank account, your retirement fund, your platform, your status — life’s about growing your soul. 

Quote: Life After Heart Failure: How to Listen to Your Life, Your Body, Your Heart

God so forgave the wrongs of the world, that He bled for the rebirth of the world.

Quote: When you Go into Heart Failure and it Turns out to be a Metaphor for All The Things Right Now

Even if it feels like nothing is turning out as you hoped, He who is Hope is turning things around for your good.

Quote: Dear Me: Lifelines to the Person You Want to Be

When there is an illiteracy of His Word, there’s a warped reading of everything. 

Quote: what’s the greatest challenge facing people of faith & the church right now?

My focus need only be on Him, to only faithfully see His Word, to wholly obey. Therein is the tree of life.

Quote: Instead of Being Stressed — The White Horse Maxim That’s Turned Countless Hard Days Around

You have One who left the clamor of the 99, to find you, remind you, remake you, rename you, release you.

Quote: Why It’s Okay to Feel Whatever You Feel — Instead of Being Exhausted With Pretending You’re Okay

The secrets of the world work in upside-down, unlikely ways because the Maker of this world is unlike anything we’ve ever known.

Quote: what to do when you feel down, overwhelmed, and kinda undone

You don’t think Jesus is your everything —  until you have nothing but Jesus.

Quote: What the Power of Valuing Freedom Really Looks Like

And the beauty of Christianity is that what dies — will rise.

Quote: The Gut Honest Truth about the Real Law of the Farm & Love & Success: Only Broken Fields Yield

The greatest risk to our security happens when fear is our main currency.

Quote: This is What Success Looks Like: #WWR #WRD

Live everyday like you’re terminal. Because you are.
Live everyday like your soul’s eternal. Because it is. 

Quote: Unexpected Operating Instructions on Life: How to be an Artist, a Parent, a Creative, a Dreamer

The wise are the hidden who hold out for heaven — and the applause that comes from God.

Quote: a letter to you…to keep for all of the hard days

Our greatest source of relief is not running from the world, but running to the Word… not running from our life — but running to God’s lifeline.

Quote: Dear Christian, Why You Never Have To Be Ashamed of the Bible: Stand With the One Million Who Honor The Bible

If grace hasn’t made us justice warriors — then maybe we just haven’t been slain by grace?

Quote: After Manchester: What They Don’t Tell You About the Real Justice Warriors

Your heart’s beautiful—especially the broken edges where you let the love get in.

Quote: When Moms Fall Short: The Club of the Velveteen Moms