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And the beauty of Christianity is that what dies — will rise.

Quote: The Gut Honest Truth about the Real Law of the Farm & Love & Success: Only Broken Fields Yield

The greatest risk to our security happens when fear is our main currency.

Quote: This is What Success Looks Like: #WWR #WRD

Live everyday like you’re terminal. Because you are.
Live everyday like your soul’s eternal. Because it is. 

Quote: Unexpected Operating Instructions on Life: How to be an Artist, a Parent, a Creative, a Dreamer

The wise are the hidden who hold out for heaven — and the applause that comes from God.

Quote: a letter to you…to keep for all of the hard days

Our greatest source of relief is not running from the world, but running to the Word… not running from our life — but running to God’s lifeline.

Quote: Dear Christian, Why You Never Have To Be Ashamed of the Bible: Stand With the One Million Who Honor The Bible

If grace hasn’t made us justice warriors — then maybe we just haven’t been slain by grace?

Quote: After Manchester: What They Don’t Tell You About the Real Justice Warriors

Your heart’s beautiful—especially the broken edges where you let the love get in.

Quote: When Moms Fall Short: The Club of the Velveteen Moms

Grace holds you when everything else falls apart — and whispers that everything is really falling together.

Quote: the most life-changing thing a woman can do for herself this Mother’s Day: What a Mother Really Wants

Whether one is degreed or important, isn’t the most important to God. What’s most important to God is that one knows the importance of being called by God.

Quote: about who’s in charge of the blogosphere: an ongoing conversation

True religion is this — caring for orphans and widows in their distress. We are called to stand for them — for the orphan. For the widow. And always? For the family… so they never ever have to choose.

Quote: Hey Jimmy Kimmel… Do You Have Any Idea How Right You Are?

Turns out that righteousness is really about being acceptable. And sin is really about what you let determine your acceptability.

Quote: 1 Real Cure for Burnout

The only call on a Christian is to build every platform into the shape of an altar, to shape every platform into the form of sacrificial service.

Quote: 3 Truths about Platform No One Ever Tells You & the Thing About Fame We Have to Keep Talking About

When a relationship starts to break down, instead of breaking fellowship — always ask to break bread.

Quote: Hard Holy Week? What He Asked Us on Maundy Thursday Changes the World, the Church & Every Broken Heart

Don’t believe things can change? Just look at Palm Sunday — to Good Friday — to Resurrection Sunday. Always believe, always keep hoping — things can change.

Quote: When You’re Kinda Struggling Through Holy Week — and don’t feel holy at all