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why you really do matter: An Anthem for Women

For the women forgotten and for the women discouraged and the women lost, there is water in the wilderness and He is our well and all. is. well.


what the hard week ahead of you right now really needs

God’s not asking me to produce — He’s asking me to pray. God’s not asking me to climb ladders — He’s asking me to kneel and let go.

Faith, INcourage

when you feel like you don’t fit or really belong

Someone has to be that Mother. That mother who drives a full 3 hours to the border with a packed mini-van and anxious kids and creeps through a 20 minute…


4 Ways to Better Friends

It was after Mare Griebe said she was done with me, that I knew. Mare, she had taken me to my first youth Bible study. She delivered the thickly folded…


The Truth You’ve Got to Know After Easter

That first call was from the hospital. Right about the cracking dawn on Resurrection Sunday, my sister whispering on the other end of the line. Two weeks so far in…

Gratitude, INcourage

How to Take the Dare to Just have A Really Great Day

When Thursday gets caught in your teeth like a piece of spinach, the crazy thing is you could dare to laugh — it gets things unstuck. Really You know how…


When You Feel Like You Keep Blowing It

When I’m still brushing my teeth on a Sunday and the kids, all ironed and parted and combed and waiting, scuffle loud at the door, he pokes his head in…