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Compassion, Family, Haiti

How to Make a Miracle Happen

They still do happen, miracles, a bit like a flash in the sky. Coming up the backside of things, coming up from the other way. Caleb said it as soon as…

Compassion, Faith, Family, Haiti

Why It’s Okay to Cry

Apparently if you try to carry a vintage sewing machine through an airport security in your carry-on, you can get yourself patted won. Even if you have all your white…

Compassion, Haiti, Poverty, Refiner's Fire

weekends are for the best worship

Coming to you live from our drive through Port Au Prince this morning…. {Please consider clicking off music slider just below top nav bar to hear the best kind of…

Haiti, Joy, Refiner's Fire

When You are Looking For Hope

‘If there are hopeless places — Haiti is almost a hopeless place.” That’s what the guy in jeans and the stamped up passport had told us before we went anyways….

Compassion, Haiti

How the American Dream becomes Christmas in July

The boy made a wreath out of wood. And all one December, as the snow fell and the carols played, we sat around a farm table and remembered how a…