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How the Brave Deal With Losses

Because it’s Canadian Thanksgiving here on the farm laden with light and pumpkins and leaves falling everywhere … and because it’s Columbus Day in the USA… and we are all…

1000Gifts, Doing Thanks, Eucharistic Living, Faith, Gratitude

How to Stay Sane in a Spinning World

So there’s a poor reason why they call ’em spin doctors. You know, how the newspapers and airwaves are loud with them, PR guys winding journalists and the news up, spinning some yarn, some twist on this regulation, about that siege, this regime, those rebels and my heart twists, wrung out and weak.

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How to Really Enjoy this Weekend

What does it mean to think “Christianly” about our possessions? Through 30 years of ministry and marriage, pastor Jeff Manion has explored the beauty of virtues like contentment, gratitude, and…