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Farming, Freeze Frame, Mothering Prayer

Led by GPS

Heading north down the field I had vision, that endless blue sky stretching out like a royal canopy under which we could ride to where earth meets the heavens. But…

Farming, Freeze Frame


Back to the fields today, cultivating while Darryl plants…notes scratched in the tall ditch grass Friday… We broke up the earth, tearing her asunder, steel ripping deep, and she wept…

Faith, Farming, Spiritual Disciplines, Worship

Sabbath Rest

We did not work in the fields yesterday, though the sun shone bright and the earth warmed, ready. We rested in Him. And let the seeds lie still. Sietze Buning’s…

Farming, Freeze Frame, Worship

Dirt in the Blood

A few scratches while kids eat breakfast and before I head out to the tractor again to cultivate the home farm. Told the children last night on the way home…

Family, Farming, Freeze Frame


Yesterday was a milestone day. From my tractor seat, I looked out across the field. Three tractors moved together across the northeast corner: my husband and our two eldest sons,…

Farming, Freeze Frame, Quiet, Work

Spotted, at just past one

It was just before lunch, today. I think the clock on the stove read a few minutes after one. I was serving up the broiled sandwiches, Darryl ladling the soup….

Advent, Christmas, Faith, Farming

All is Well….

Somedays it doesn’t feel like it. At all. And then I remember. I remember the first time I heard this story. Hope, our third child, was 10 days old. Christmas…

Faith, Farming, Freeze Frame

Harvest Storm

I come to bring meals, to feed men. But it is the men who feed me kernels of truth… about a waiting harvest and the gnashing storm coming down. Turning…

Children, Family, Farming, IOW

The Law of the Farm

“These children are the seeds my days plant, the blooms of the next generations.” ~From the archives The land never fails to speaks truth. Winter shakes off her blankets, earthy…

Children, Farming, Freeze Frame


Kneeling by the picket fence next to the front porch, their two heads press close together in the morning’s autumn gold. Pausing to watch them from the kitchen window, I…

Autumn, Farming, Freeze Frame, Heaven

Revisiting Soaring

(This scene has been replaying…thus, the reposting from the archives)Yesterday was a day of flight, one of those days where your spirit lifts…and then soars. Up and into the golden.Shalom…