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Advent, Christmas, Communion, Poetry, random act of poetry

In the Flesh

W ord who birthed the starfields births on a stable floor, vowels that ignited a cosmos running the veins, The Word made firm flesh, with fingers to cut out the…

Beauty, Christmas

How to Make it Home for Christmas

Long-time and very dear friend, Talented Megan, invites us all into her radiant home for a bit of Christmas Cheer… might you join us as she guest posts and offers…

Advent, Christmas

In which She Travaileth: A Labor of Love

The travail is all for Love. Or view the clip of Labor of Love at Youtube… there is a reason why we stretch and travaileth…Share your thoughts?…If you would like…

Advent, Christmas

The Other Half of the Christian’s Job

‘Beholding His glory is only half of our job. In our souls too the mysteries must be brought forth; we are not really Christians till that has been done. “The…

Advent, Christmas, Refiner's Fire, Repent

Why a True Christmas May Hurt

All day I pray to be a womb for God. On the way through the early blue light to the dentist, I whisper it to Father, “A womb, Lord. Come…

Advent, Beauty, Children, Christmas, Homeschooling

The Best Things to Make This Christmas

Care to know the best things to make this Christmas? Please read me over at Christmas Change today… Photos: Making hereShare your thoughts?…Would you like Holy Experience delivered to you…