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Seven Ways to Keep Your Home Strong

I sort darks from the lights. Rifle through soul laundry. The swoop, the motion, the quiet aloneness, lending itself to the inner washing. Again, the return always to this: “It…

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… upon the things of God

‘T here are times when… silence is wiser than speech. We should be better … if we were more alone, waiting upon God. And gathering through meditation on His Word…

Bible Reading, Easter

The Necessary Non-Hallmark Part of Easter

two posts today… The children sleep and in a still house I pour blood down the drain.   Scarlet drips from bowl’s edge and I’m struck   with images of…

Beauty, Bible Reading, Daily Art, Weekends

weekends are for His poetry

:: May all your wanderings this weekend, kindest friends, see the poetry of His Hand everywhere the Creator God of the universe Who expresses more than one third of His…

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Colossians in a Year {Details and Updated}

1. Ah, yes! The Cover! How could I forget? Apparently, I did. ~blush~ Please forgive? The link for the cover in a PDF can now be downloaded: right here. (And…

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weekends are for visiting

In the quiet and the early, I hear the knock to come slip away and sit a long spell with Lover, and catch up with real Wisdom listen to the…