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Autumn, Beauty, Daily Art, Joy, Restoring Wonder

Making of Art

thoughts from Wendell Berry… We had two friends, Harlan and Anna Hubbard, who had a little income from renting out Harlan’s mother’s house after she died. I think that was…

Autumn, Beauty, Quiet, Slow, Spiritual Disciplines

Slow Down: A Primer

I wake on a Tuesday, the one after Thanksgiving, and think its time to let the world take the passing lane, the fast lane, to hurry on to its places…

Autumn, Beauty, Faith, Farming, fear, Nature, Poetry, Prayer, Quiet

Don’t Be Afraid

…a thoughtful reader sent this hauntingly beautiful poem of Jane Kenyon’s … “Let Evening Come” “Let the light of late afternoonshine through chinks in the barn, movingup the bales as…

Autumn, Eucharistic Living, Gift List, Gratitude, Out of the Mouths, Worship

We Could

She wades into wheat and I watch her go, her parting gold. Bowed heads rustle, whisper summer as she passes, skirt trailing behind. The grasshoppers light. Her hair waves, honeyed…

Autumn, Nature, Quiet, Slow

weekends are for gleaning

Eldest man-child calls for me to come see the gleaning, threshers coming behind. He knew I’d need to see. The heavy breasts, the long necks, arched, and the sway, gold…

Autumn, Children, Freeze Frame, Mothering Prayer

Harvesting Days

A jay calls this morning from the top of the burning oak down by the cedar rail fence. He welcomes autumn and the children. We congregate beneath the oak’s old…

Autumn, Farming, Freeze Frame, Heaven

Revisiting Soaring

(This scene has been replaying…thus, the reposting from the archives)Yesterday was a day of flight, one of those days where your spirit lifts…and then soars. Up and into the golden.Shalom…