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Advent, Christmas

Advent Devotionals. Week 04. Love. [Video]

{Consider turning off music by clicking the speaker bar near the bottom of  the left margin?} Welcome to a simple space just to slow and reflect… Disclaimer: This ain’t all…

Advent, Christmas, Family

What To Do With a Hurting Heart this Christmas

That one doctor thought it was a bit of a miracle before they even cracked open the chest and cut a way at his heart. Because who in the world…

Advent, Christmas

What Your Christmas Can’t Afford to Be Without

I walk out of a Christian women’s conference in mid-December and step oblivious right over a cross. I’m a woman rock hard and blind. A woman who forgets her own…

Advent, Christmas, Homemaking

The Best Way to do Your Christmas Cleaning

Why it happened right then, when she turned toward the stack of dishes on the counters, the squash peeling and apple cores and crusted pots, she had no idea. No…