Tired of a Hard Place? When You’re Caught Between God & a Hard Place [Brutally Honest Psalm #5]

Don’t go telling us that storms are the only blasted things that get stuck in place.

Don’t think for a moment that there aren’t every day places that feel like God-forsaken places.

Don’t blithely speak from your easy place to all us between God and a brutally hard place.

And for God’s sake and the sake of all things holy and hurting: Don’t go around slapping saccharine cliches on the sting of things, denying the gale force winds that the exhausted just have to keep facing.

You ever got sick and tired of life bruising and banging you up when everyone else is just moving up?

You ever got sick and tired of of wanting more, only to be left just wanting?

You ever woke up alone again? Ever walked through the door to a chilled emptiness again? Ever numbingly exhausted with putting one foot in front of the other and acting like everything’s fine?

You ever been desperate for some Voice in the universe to just say bloody Yes to you for once?

Levi Voskamp
Levi Voskamp
Levi Voskamp
Levi Voskamp
Levi Voskamp

Dreams and hopes and plans and relationships can get furiously stuck and the constant winds of things can beat you down into a cynical hopelessness and you don’t have to pretend for a minute otherwise.

Sometimes the place you find yourself is the place where you want someone to come find you — because you feel bitterly lost and forgotten and searching and wishing someone was searching for you.

It’s the God honest, truth that all the honest will tell you: Brokenness affronts us no matter what’s in front of us, pain accompanies us at every turn, suffering stalks us like all the praying are prey. Whatever place we’re in, we’re in a hard place.

It’s a tenderly raw truth: Suffering was promised to us in the Garden of Eden and suffering was experienced with and for us in the Garden of Gethsemane — never doubt that Christ is ultimately the most courageous — and the definition of existence is suffering because existence is love.

Love and Life and Living is suffering, and the sooner we embrace this, the sooner we feel God’s embrace.

Don’t think we don’t need to know the answers:

Where do you find peace of mind — to face the place you’re in?

Where do you find the courage to face the place you’re in?

Where in the world do you not have to be brave? What place let’s you place your courage aside?

You can find yourself in a place that feels like you’re clinging exposed and unprotected to the sheer insanity of life and how do you be brave enough to be?

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means, at the point of highest reality. A chastity or honesty or mercy which yields to danger — will be chaste or honest or merciful only on conditions. Pilate was merciful — until it became risky,” writes C.S. Lewis.

Courage births all virtue. Courage mothers everything good in the world. Without courage, everything good, in us and in the world, stillbirths.

Brave is more than a good feeling. Brave is the place where there is good. You’re in a good place the moment you’re being good and brave.

Courage, Braveheart, courage.

Don’t doubt that this is hard when it hurts, and it hurts because it is hard, and don’t let that change the brave burning in your bones.

Do you dare believe that the place you’re in — is a place where God’s moved in? You never have to be brave alone.

Because the truth is:

Find a place that you don’t need to be brave, and you’ve found a place that doesn’t need God.

Needing courage is another way of saying Christ is needed.

This lets you breathe:

When you’re in Christ, it doesn’t matter what place you’re in. Christ is a table for your days and a home for your soul, He is open arms and open door for your weary ways and He is a roof for your hounding storms and when you don’t feel shielded in a cruel world, Christ is your every- place embrace and your always safe place.

When you’re between God and a hard place, it’s God’s presence that transforms every hard place. Presence transforms place.

When you’re between God and a hard place — turning toward His face changes the place. Place turns to grace when turned toward His face.

When you’re between God and a hard place — press closer into Him and let the warmth of His beating heart keep yours soft.

Wherever God has you — you can have as much of God as you ever wanted.

Wherever God has you, you can have God.

This is always the greatest saving grace.

Whatever place you’re in is a place of God. And when you’re in a place of God, you cannot displace your courage. Christ is for you, with you, in you!

You can’t be courageous unless you first have courage — and Christ is all your courage.

Courage is found in places where there is more in joy in the presence of Christ — than discouragement is found in the present moment. Dare you find enough joy in the presence of Christ, to be courageous in the present moment?

You’ve got this — because Grace has you and Courage is in you and Christ is with you, so a tender and brazen joy could be even in this place.

And a hard place returns to a place of courage. This is how we lodge in His heart and breathe.



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