How to be Okay Even When Things Aren’t Okay (Video)

Your heart can kind break more times than you can count

which only means

your heart has been made into abundantly more.

You can be okay

even when you don’t feel okay

because who you are

is not how you are.

This can be your story — even when things aren’t okay:

How to Stop Drinking Mud Soup & Other Messy Cycles: When You Just want to Figure Out How to Live the Abundant Life (Part 1)

When things aren’t okay…

you need a safe place.

A safe place to be raw and real — a place for the abundant life to resurrect.

These gentle pages

do nothing less than take you

on an intimate journey of the soul — 

 do nothing less than  

show you The Way of Abundance. 

The Way of Abundance that your soul yearns for.

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