Dear Me & 2018: Lifelines to the Person You Really Want to Be this Year

Lines — lifelines — to the person you want to be in 2018:

Only for this moment, and this moment, and this moment, be the kindest voice in the world. (Even to yourself.)

Speaking your mind can’t change anything like speaking kind.

The art of living masters the beauty of both.

Warmth draws us like the wind never does. Look for the warmth in every wind.

Rest in the agelessness of it: Tender kindness is the truest kind of beauty.






And you can always, always, always be kind, because the devil and his kind have already lost:

The devil’s most destructive day can never destroy your hope, your call, your future.

So no matter how the wind blows, keep calm and be kind:

When things become hard, wise hearts stay soft.

Solving a problem can’t ever trump loving a person.

And be more tender with you
because you carry wounds and a soul,
and so does everyone else,
and being tender with you is how you begin to be tender with them.
Because out of the heart, the tongue speaks, and the heart refuses to speak with a divided tongue.
How you talk to your own heart is how your heart will talk to everyone.

You can’t beat your demons by beating up on yourself.
Demons die by love.
Fall more in love with something else
and your demons die like nothing else.

Preaching gospel to yourself
is how you whisper calm to your soul,
Good news that soothes the raw edges of things,
 the soft ways of grace and tender hope that carries you





This is relief:

Befriend failure. Embrace failure when she comes, and come to sit comfortably with her. Failure wants to be a kind teacher, a wise surgeon, a needed guide. Failure is a redirect, not a judge. Make failure your assistant — not your assessor. For all God’s children: Hope always wraps it strong arm around every failure.

Accept: Risk is a pre-requisite to graduating into the Big Leagues of Living for Real. Risk is your doorkeeper — look forward to warmly meeting every morning.

Risk enough that you might get burned — because that’s how your life lights up.

And when your risks shake hands with failure, exhale:

New life happens in you when you aren’t afraid of the deaths that happen before resurrections.

Breathe — and commit to ask it everyday
to mirrors and into eyes we love:
How is your heart?
Where does your soul feel safe?
Where is your spirit being led?

Listen to the heartbeat of the world around you and in you:

When you fear you aren’t enough or that you’re too much — you really fear the freeing beauty of being you.

Curate masks to be someone else, and you vacate your own soul, who has no one else.

Happiness depends on what happens to you — joy depends only on what happens in you.

So, light the candles, light your candles and let the candles flicker and life is constantly light facing the dark, light facing the dark.

And you simply:

Rise to whatever comes to you, go to wherever you’re sent, give however your soul knows how, and give thanks whenever you breathe.


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